Development contributions

Contributions refers to the money collected from developments to help maintain and build new infrastructure across Lake Macquarie City, such as playgrounds, community facilities and local roads. Planned projects are listed in the works schedule of the relevant contribution plan.

The contribution is based on the cost, location and type of development and applied on Development Applications and Complying Development Certificates. CDCs issued by accredited private certifiers are also required to pay contributions.

How Council collects contributions is set out under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, including Section 7.11, Section 7.12 and Planning Agreements. 

Section 7.11 contribution plans

Contributions levied under Section 7.11 apply to residential development and other development not levied under Section 7.12. This includes:

  • subdivision
  • multi-dwelling housing
  • dual occupancy dwelling
  • secondary dwelling (granny flat)
  • seniors housing
  • residential care facility
  • movable dwellings
  • tourism and visitor accommodation
  • hostel/boarding house/group homes

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Current Section 7.11 Contribution Plans

No. 5 North Wallarah (2004) - as Amended 2021(PDF, 8MB)

Belmont Contributions Catchment (2021)(PDF, 3MB)

Charlestown Contributions Catchment (2021)(PDF, 3MB)

Glendale Contributions Catchment (2021)(PDF, 7MB)

Morisset Contributions Catchment (2021)(PDF, 5MB)

Northlakes Urban Release Area (2021)(PDF, 7MB)

Toronto Contributions Catchment (2021)(PDF, 5MB)

Section 7.12 contribution plan

Contributions levied under Section 7.12 apply to non-residential development in Lake Macquarie City. Contributions are calculated on the total cost of the proposed development.

Current Section 7.12 plan.(PDF, 5MB)

Calculate non-residential development contributions

Proposed cost of development Percentage of the levy
Less than and including $100,000 Nil
More than $100,000 (up to and including $200,000) 0.5%
More than $200,000 1%

Cost summary report forms

A cost summary report provides the total cost of development required to calculate the 7.12 contribution levy.

Applicants are required to submit a signed cost summary report with their documentation through the NSW Planning Portal. 

Planning Agreements (VPAs)

This is another way of providing contributions. Some developments may seek to enter into a Planning Agreement to provide contributions instead of, or in addition to, Section 7.11 or 7.12.

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How to pay contributions

Please contact us to confirm the amount payable prior to making payment as contributions are subject to indexation. After your consent is issued, indexation is applied quarterly on 14 February, 14 May, 14 August and 14 November each year. 

Payments can be made by BPAY, over the phone, or in person at Council’s Administration Building.

Your development consent outlines when to pay contributions. This is usually before the issue of a Construction Certificate or Subdivision Certificate (whichever comes first), or before any work commences for a Complying Development Certificate.

Accredited private certifiers

Accredited private certifiers have the same obligations as Council when issuing Complying Development Certificates.

Private certifiers are required to impose a condition of consent to pay contributions and ensure that contributions have been paid.