Book a park or reserve

Enquire to book, amend or cancel an existing park or reserve booking.


All Council's parks, reserves and shelters may be used by the public free of charge.

Step 1.Important information to know

A booking will secure an area for events including weddings, family reunions, sporting events, company picnics, fundraising events, markets and carnivals, and is required if professional catering, amusement rides or structures such as jumping castles are used.

Park bookings are essential, if the number of people attending your event is over 200 for larger community and commercial events.

When booking our parks, reserves or shelters you must comply with Council's terms and conditions.

To find our more about our parks facilities you can search our venues.

Step 2.Gather your information

If you wish to have amusement devices and/or temporary structures at your event, you must provide the following documents as part of the application:

  • Site plan that indicates the placement of all structures/amusement devices within the reserve
  • Evidence of adequate public liability insurance for $20,000,000.

Your insurance broker will be able to provide a 'Certificate of Currency', which should list Lake Macquarie City Council under 'Interested Party' with regard to the event, provide an expiry date and the amount of the public liability coverage.

For further information on what to submit you can contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333, Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm and ask to speak to our Park Facility officer.

Step 3.Pay

Fees will be calculated by Council staff and provided to you in writing after we've received your application to book an area within Councils parks and reserves.

Step 4.Apply

To check availability of the venue you can apply online, or contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333.