Non-residential development contributions calculator

This calculator only applies to development to be levied under Council’s Section 7.12 Contributions Plan – Citywide 2019, and applies to non-residential development, but excludes:

  • Development to which a road haulage levy applies,
  • Mixed use development – residential development, where the development includes two or more dwellings,
  • Mixed use development – tourist and visitor accommodations and movable dwellings, where the development includes three or more visitor accommodation and/or movable dwellings.

The estimator should be used as a guide only and the consent authority (Council) is responsible for determining the actual contribution.

How to use the calculator

Please enter your proposed cost of development (calculated in accordance with the regulations) in the field below and then click on the Calculate button to see your development contribution fee.


Cost summary report forms

This form is used to provide the total cost of development which is used to calculate the 7.12 contribution fee.

For development applications, the relevant cost summary report is required to be submitted prior to approval. Private certifiers are required to submit a cost summary report with the application at the time of lodgement to the NSW Planning Portal.



Council has a Section 7.12 contributions plan in place. Consideration to this plan should be made when using the calculator above. Please see below for more information.

Section 7.12 Citywide Contributions Plan (Non-residential)

This plan levies under Section 7.12 of the Act and applies to non-residential development. Contributions are collected and allocated to new or upgraded infrastructure based on the cost of carrying out the development as shown below:

Proposed cost of development Percentage of the levy
Less than and including $100,000 Nil
More than $100,000 (up to and including $200,000) 0.5%
More than $200,000 1%