Sustainable purchasing

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The manufacture and supply of products often generates hidden environmental, health and social impacts. The materials, manufacture, packaging, transportation and even disposal of a product all form part of a product's lifecycle and sustainability. 

Sustainable purchasing is an effort to buy greener, healthier and more sustainable products that also meet price, performance and quality requirements. This could include buying from local suppliers or choosing products made from recycled materials.

With your spending decisions, you have power to reduce negative environmental and social impacts, and to generate demand for better products.

Make better purchasing choices for your business with these websites:

  • Global GreenTag - Home of leading certified and verified sustainable products
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) - GECA's product database will help you choose goods and services that are better for the environment
  • Energy rating - Look for products with a high star rating when replacing electrical equipment
  • Product Stewardship Gatewayis a detailed directory of existing and emerging product stewardship initiatives, supported by the Australian Government. Visit the Gateway to learn how your business can be accredited.