Good Neighbour Program

Published on 08 December 2023

Barbara Watson chats to neighbour Dominique Philpott, with Mylo, three months.jpg

Every neighbourhood has people who may need assistance with basic tasks such as:

  • placing their bins out for collection and bringing them back in each week
  • mowing their nature strip
  • gardening
  • carrying groceries.

We are calling on our residents to be ‘good neighbours’ and offer to help others in the community with some of these tasks.

It takes little time to assist a neighbour and the offer of support can make a big difference to the lives of others.

The first step to being a good neighbour is knowing who they are. It can be a good idea to introduce yourself and let them know you can help them if needed.

Let’s help others and activate a connected neighbourhood.

Read a heart-warming story of good neighbours in Lake Mac here


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