Our commitment to you

Our Customer Charter sets out our commitment to you, our customer, and outlines the service you can expect from us. 

Please refer to our Customer Service Standards(PDF, 195KB)  for further information about our service delivery.

Customer Charter

The Customer Charter is also available in an accessible format(PDF, 2MB).

We aim to:

  • Answer your calls to Customer Service Centre within 90 seconds on average and aim to resolve your query at the first point of contact with us
  • Return your call within one working day
  • Acknowledge receipt of your email within one working day
  • Provide you with an expected timeframe for a response to your letter or email within 10 working days
  • Respond to customer enquiries on social media within one working day
  • Our Customer Service Centre Concierge will greet you within one minute on average

You can expect:

  • To be treated with respect, integrity and honesty
  • To be provided with consistent and clear information across our communication channels
  • We will aim to resolve your enquiry as quickly as possible
  • To be provided with accessible options to communicate with us
  • We will update you if we are unable to meet our commitments
  • We will monitor our performance through regular customer satisfaction surveys to ensure we are providing our customers with quality service
  • We will provide innovative and flexible services
  • Your privacy is respected and protected

Our people will:

  • Identify themselves and treat every customer equally and sensitively
  • Communicate clearly, in plain language and ensure our website is easy-to-use
  • Be experienced and knowledgeable, and focused on helping you find solutions to your needs
  • Tailor our services to suit our diverse customers
  • Be open and transparent about our processes
  • Take responsibility for answering your enquiry and communicate with you in a friendly way
  • Actively pursue continuous improvement and understand the needs of our customers now and into the future
  • Only collect information that is required and have systems in place to ensure that we protect your confidential information

To allow us to help, we expect you will:

  • Provide us with information that is timely, accurate and complete
  • Consider the safety of our staff and treat them with respect
  • Work with us to solve problems and reach resolutions
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback when sharing a compliment or complaint
  • Contact us if you believe we have made an error or acted inappropriately


Feedback can be provided to us by phone, in person, in writing, by email or by using our online feedback form

Our Feedback Management Policy(PDF, 630KB) provides more detail on how we manage complaints, compliments and suggestions made to Council.