Sustainable Neighbourhoods

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Sustainable Neighbourhoods is a network of active, skilled and supported citizens who make a meaningful contribution to local community life and address local sustainability challenges.

Sustainable Neighbourhood volunteers aim to:

  • Reduce our resource consumption (energy, water and waste)
  • Protect and care for environment and place
  • Increase our capacity to respond effectively to environmental threats
  • Increase community wellbeing and pride in our local areas.

Sustainable Neighbourhood groups consist of community volunteers who work together on a range of projects. Sustainable Neighbourhood groups develop local Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plans to identify their community vision, values and project priorities.

Sustainable Neighbourhoods is governed and supported by the Lake Macquarie Sustainable Neighbourhood Alliance, an incorporated, not-for-profit association managed by Sustainable Neighbourhood volunteers.

Sustainable Neighbourhood activities are initiated and delivered by volunteers and financed through funding from grants, collaboration and community fundraising. Council supports Sustainable Neighbourhoods with administrative assistance and operational support.


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