Additional commercial waste services

Only the property owner or their authorised representative is eligible to use this application to make changes to the waste services for their property.

The application for commercial waste services offers additional kerbside general waste, green waste and recycling services for commercial properties.

This commercial waste services application can be used to:

  • Apply for additional garbage, recycling and green waste services for properties that already have a standard waste service
  • Swap your existing recycling bin for a larger 360L bin or back down to a standard 240L bin
  • Purchase your 240L garbage bin from Council and have it delivered if required*
  • Cancel any additional garbage, recycling or green waste services


Step 1.Fee payment

Up-front payment by credit card is required for garbage bin purchased and recycling bin swaps. A 0.6 per cent transaction processing fee is applicable on all credit card transactions.

  • Any changes to general waste services will be charged on your rates automatically on a pro-rata basis.
  • Any changes to green waste and recycling services are paid for via a debtor invoice process, also on a pro-rata basis.

Step 2.Garbage bin purchase and delivery

If you choose an additional 240L garbage service, an additional bin will need to be presented at the kerbside for collection. You can opt to purchase a new 240L garbage bin from Council and have it delivered to your property. Alternatively, you can choose to purchase and pick up a bin directly from Council's Works Depot at Creek Reserve Road, Boolaroo - you can pay for the bin at the Works Depot when you pick it up - or purchase it from your local hardware store.

Bin purchase costs will be charged in accordance with our Fees and Charges.

Bin size - Site inspection required for larger bin types*

Bin sizes (approximately)
Width across top
Depth across top
Height to bin lid
140L (small size garbage, recycling and green)
 240L (regular size garbage, recycle and green)
 360L (recycle upsize)
 848mm 1100mm

 660L, 1100L, 1.5m3 and 3m3

Council will inspect the location and advice on bin sizes and serviceability. The assessment will include bin storage and security, ability for you to maneuver the bin to and from kerbside or roadway for servicing, accessibility for collection at the kerb, contamination potential and accessibility for collection. 

*For additional general waste services larger than the 240L size, Council provides the bin at no cost to the applicant.

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