Vision and values

City vision

Lake Macquarie is a city with a lake at its heart encircled by distinctive towns and villages. We balance our cherished environments with our need for great spaces to live and visit, smart transport options and a thriving economy; which adapt and strive to be fair for all.

Community values

  • We value our unique landscape: a place where the natural environment (bushland, coast, lake and mountains) is protected and enhanced; where our existing urban centres are the focus of our growth, maintaining their unique characteristics
  • We value lifestyle and wellbeing: a place that encourages safe, active and social opportunities
  • We value mobility and accessibility: effective transport systems that provide choices to conveniently move people, goods and services
  • We value a diverse economy: which is resilient and adaptable to change, making the best use of the unique advantages of our location and lifestyle
  • We value connected communities: that support and care for all and provide a sense of belonging
  • We value creativity: working together with creative process and outcomes that bring together history, culture, knowledge and expertise that supports new technologies and ways of thinking
  • We value shared decision-making: Lake Macquarie communities continue shared responsibility for governance

Organisational values

Our organisational values support the culture of our organisation. They are the 'glue' that brings us all together in achieving our Council and community goals.

  • Shaping our future
  • Leading at all levels
  • Working together