Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging

Each year in Lake Mac, cars and motorbikes generate about 332,800 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Electric vehicles are part of the city’s shift to a low-carbon future. If renewable energy is used to recharge the battery, electric vehicles have zero on-road emissions. 

Purchasing an electric vehicle

If you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle, the Green Vehicle Guide compares air pollution and greenhouse emissions of different models on the market.

As the EV market is emerging in Australia, it can be tricky to find second hand alternatives. Good Car Co specialises in importing second hand electric vehicles into Australia.

Electric vehicle charging strategy

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy aims to set a long-term vision and provide electric vehicle charging network principles to ensure our city’s investments align with regional and national investments. Our strategy is supported by a three-year action plan.

Council will lead the way with several publicly accessible chargers across the city, providing the catalyst for others to install more chargers around Lake Macquarie.

Where to charge

 Map of electric vehicle charging stations

We are partnering with Intellihub to provide seven streetside EV charging stations on power poles across the city. We are one of eight councils involved in the ARENA funded pilot project.

If you are travelling further, Plugshare is an application that lists public and private charging locations worldwide.