Subdivision Certificate

A Subdivision Certificate certifies that a plan of subdivision has been completed in accordance with the relevant development consent conditions or complying development certificate (in the case of complying development). It also authorises the registration of the plan of subdivision with NSW Land Registry Services.

For further information, including how to prepare an application and the role of the certifying authority, visit the NSW Planning Portal.


Step 1.Register or log in

To apply for a Subdivision Certificate online, you must register or log in via the NSW Planning Portal.

Register or log in to NSW Planning Portal

Step 2.Gather documents

The following information must be submitted with your application:

  • Plan of Subdivision prepared by a registered surveyor
  • Subdivision Certificate administration sheets
  • Section 88b Instrument, where applicable
  • Works as Executed Plans and Engineering Certificate, as required by consent conditions
  • Evidence that all conditions of consent have been complied with, where applicable
  • A certificate of compliance from the relevant water supply authority, where applicable

For further advice, contact our Customer Service Centre on (02) 4921 0333 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm) and ask to speak with the Development Engineer.

Step 3.Apply

One you've registered and gathered your documents, you can apply online for a Subdivision Certificate. You'll need to upload electronic versions of the required documentation in order to complete your application.

Apply for a Subdivision Certificate via NSW Planning Portal

Step 4.Pay

Lodgement fees will be calculated by Council staff and provided to you in writing after we've received your application for a Subdivision Certificate.

Your Subdivision Certificate will not be issued until all outstanding fees have been paid.