Fact sheets

Sight distance

Sight distance is the distance measured along the road, over which a driver has visibility of an object or another road user. Safe road conditions rely on road users having adequate visibility.

Sight distance fact sheet(PDF, 431KB)

Stop and give way signs fact sheet

Stop and Give Way signs help control conflicting traffic streams and regulate movement at intersections where roundabouts or traffic signals are not installed.

Stop and give way signs fact sheet(PDF, 421KB)

Vehicle speeds and traffic calming fact sheet

Council assesses potential for vehicles speeding when considering infrastructure improvements, however is not responsible for enforcing speed limits. We consider traffic calming devices when developing or implementing some of our traffic management systems.

Vehicle speeds and traffic calming fact sheet(PDF, 496KB)

Bus layover parking

Bus layover parking is a place where driver’s park buses between services and may be situated on-street or off-street. The time a bus spends in a layover can vary from a few minutes to approximately an hour depending on the purpose of the layover.

The location of bus layover parking, as well as the number of layover spaces at each location, has a direct impact on how the bus network is scheduled. The more options for layover the more efficient a network schedule can be.

Guideline - Bus layover parking(PDF, 586KB)

Traffic facilities and road safety committee

This committee considers recommendations relating to road safety and parking issues across Lake Macquarie. Their recommendations are submitted to Council's Ordinary meetings for consideration.

Traffic facilities and road safety committee fact sheet(PDF, 139KB)

Wildlife signs

Wildlife signs provide warning to road users that they are travelling through an area where they may encounter animals on the road.

Wildlife Signs Fact Sheet(PDF, 1MB)