Educational tours

Educators and student groups are invited to participate in a range of curriculum-aligned learning experiences across our cultural venues and Organics Resource Recovery Facility.

Group education experiences

We live Here: civics and community

A brand new multi-stage, cross-curricula learning experience designed to help students explore what makes a community, services and processes of change in our community, and developing understanding of the role we each play in creating healthy and vibrant communities.

This excursion is available for delivery at Sugar Valley Library Museum, MAC yapang, or MAP mima. It is a 45 minute module that can be added to any of the learning experiences at those venues, or you can book just this module at the venue of your choice.

Suitable for Stage 2 (History: Community and Remembrance), Stage 3 (History: Australia as a Nation) and Stage 4 (Geography: Place and liveability) students, We live here is a curriculum-aligned experience that includes:

  • a visit from the Mayor or Deputy Mayor
  • a visit from service personnel (ranger or lifeguard)
  • a stage and curriculum specific educator-led interactive activity, role play, or design problem to solve
  • available Monday-Friday during school terms.

This is a free excursion module. Capacity limits vary according to venue.

Select We live Here 45min module on the booking form.

Museum of Art and Culture (MAC) yapang

Self-guided and guided tours of our Museum of Art and Culture (MAC) yapang are available to primary and high school students.

MAC tours

  • can accommodate groups of up to 80 students
  • are a 1.5 hour experience
  • are available Tuesday-Friday during school terms
  • a ratio of one educator to 20 students applies.

A guided visit to MAC will begin with an introduction to the current exhibitions, the various forms of artistic expression and the role of an artist, allowing students to engage with the artworks in a meaningful way.

Guided tours are free and students will also receive relevant activity sheets. Check the exhibition calendar to see what’s on and what is coming up.

Art making workshops can also be booked, subject to availability and for varying group sizes, with variable costs. Please note that teacher to student ratios of 1:10 for primary apply to art making workshops. Large groups will be split into smaller rotations for art making.

MAC yapang also boasts a wonderful outdoor sculpture park with 16 works spread over five hectares, with ample grassy and shaded areas overlooking the lake - the perfect location for groups to enjoy lunch or additional self-guided learning activities.

Multi-Arts Pavillion (MAP) mima

This innovative space offers an exciting opportunity for students to explore the intersection of arts, technology and design. Lake Macquarie Multi-Arts Pavilion mima is a clever building that packs a punch, with several virtual landscape artworks situated around the building, artworks built into the exterior of the building including a movement activated soundscape, and surprising nooks housing exhibition related artworks and objects inside.

Students of all ages will enjoy a tour of the building, participate in digital drawing, and experience one of the immersive video works from our collection inside The Cube.


  • can accommodate groups of up to 30 students (larger groups may rotate, depending on weather)
  • are fully accessible
  • are an 1.5 hour experience
  • are available Monday-Friday during school terms
  • a ratio of one educator to 20 students applies

Located in Speers Point Park, groups may wish to extend their stay by enjoying the Variety playground, or walk the Creative Lake Trail for a self-guided tour of public art. MAP mima is approximately 45 minute walk from MAC yapang if groups would like to plan an extended day of art experiences around the lake.

New resources and programs are being developed for educational groups at MAP mima and we are interested in collaboration with educators to co-design meaningful and exciting experiences for students. Express your interest by contacting [email protected]

Sugar Valley Library Museum kirantakamyari

Lake Mac's newest cultural venue, Sugar Valley Library Museum kirantakamyari, is located in Cameron Park and offers a unique museum experience for students and educators, including VR, audio stations, and a range of objects and stories to explore local history.

Kirantakamyari excursions include:

  • a guided tour of the exhibition space
  • time to explore the interactive exhibits, including VR, listening stations and more
  • curriculum aligned educational worksheet and activity

In the inaugural exhibition Westy: We built this history, students learn about the West Wallsend area, it’s people and industry, particularly coal mining and pit horses. Primary students explore changes in our community by reflecting on toys and play from another era, and consider how we record and tell stories. Senior students can reflect on  innovations of the early 20th century and get creative with their own entertaining inventions!


  • can accommodate groups of up to 40 students
  • are fully accessible
  • are a 1.5 hour experience
  • are available Monday-Friday during school terms
  • a ratio of one educator to 20 students applies

Our venue is located close to Pasterfield park which makes a great morning tea or lunch time spot for students or for educators to run additional activities.

New resources and programs are being developed for educational groups at kirantakamyari and we are interested in collaboration with educators to co-design and pilot meaningful and exciting experiences for students. Express your interest by contacting [email protected]

Possum Skin Cloak - Travelling Suitcase

The Possum Skin Cloak by the Lake Travelling Suitcases were designed for use by schools and community groups. The tradition of using possum skins for the making of cloaks, waistbands, belts, armbands and headbands was practised by Aboriginal people across eastern Australia. Historical accounts of the customary methods of trapping, preparation, decoration and use of possum skin cloaks within Aboriginal nations in Queensland and throughout New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are numerous and extensively documented. Nations in NSW include those of the Dharug, Kamilaroi, Gumbangarri, Wiradjuri, Worimi, Wonnaruah, Darkinjung, Awabakal and Narrinyeri people.

They both comprise the following:

  • Two pelts clearly demonstrating the process of designing, burning, painting and sewing the cloak
  • Examples of a finished armband
  • Examples of ochre in its natural form and then mixed as a paintable liquid, and native tree resin in its natural state
  • An introduction and history of possum skin cloaks
  • Class activities for different curriculum areas and stages along with worksheets and a related board game
  • A DVD made in collaboration with ABC Open by the community
  • A copy of this Education Kit
  • A copy of ‘Wrapped in a Possum Skin Cloak’ The Tooloyn Koortakay Collection in the National Museum of Australia, Amanda Reynolds, National Museum of Australia Press, 2005

The Travelling Suitcases are ideal for use in storytelling and information sessions for students. The suitcases can be loaned to schools at no cost.  If you would like an Aboriginal educator to visit with the cloak please contact us for availability (fees apply).

Request the Possum Skin Cloak by the Lake Travelling Suitcase via the booking form below.

Organics Resource Recovery Facility

Your visit to the Organics Resource Recovery Facility and the Awaba Waste Management Facility includes a tour of the facility plus an education talk about waste management and the organics processing facility. Students and educators will be able to view the composting process.

The tour is suitable for students in Year 2 and up, and runs throughout the year.

This tour cannot be booked through the booking form, below. Please contact [email protected] to book.


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