Parking in school zones

park safe.jpg

Council Rangers actively patrol and enforce school zones road rules through the Lake Macquarie area as part of the Park Safe, Stay Safe program(PDF, 247KB)  to ensure the safety of local children.

Many schools experience significantly higher traffic volumes during pick up and drop off times so slowing down and scanning the roads, especially around children, is key to keeping our community safe.

Signs and road rules to be aware of around school zones include:

'No Stopping’ zones – You must not stop your vehicle at any point on the road or kerb, unless in an emergency.

'No Parking’ zones – You must not park on a road or areas where there is a ‘No parking’ sign. You may stop in a No Parking zone for a maximum of two minutes and stay within three metres of your car, but only to pick up or set down your child and drive off as soon as possible.

‘Bus Zone’ – This area is for buses only. You are not allowed to stop your vehicle in this area.

‘Mobility Parking’ – Only vehicles transporting a current Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit holder can park in areas displaying a mobility parking sign. The MPS permit must be displayed in the parked vehicle. MPS permit holders must comply with the conditions of use of the MPS permit.

Pedestrian and children’s crossings – When approaching a pedestrian crossing, you should drive at a speed that allows you to slow down and stop before the crossing.