Council meeting schedule

Council usually meets every second and fourth Monday of each month in the Council Chambers, Speers Point.

Members of the public have the option to attend the meeting in person or to watch the proceedings of Council meetings live, as well as view past meetings.

Public Forum

Public Forums are held prior to the commencement of Committee and Council meetings if applications are received for those dates. Public Forum generally begins at 5.30pm in the Council Chambers unless indicated otherwise below and can also be viewed via live webcast. If you would like to address Council, please complete an application.

Council meeting schedule

Day Date Time Meeting Type
 Monday 19 June 2023 6.30pm Committee Meeting
 Monday 26 June 2023 6.30pm Council Meeting

10 July 2023

6.30pm Committee Meeting

24 July 2023

6.30pm Council Meeting

14 August 2023

6.30pm Committee Meeting
 Monday 28 August 2023 6.30pm Council Meeting
 Monday 11 September 2023
6.30pm Committee Meeting
 Monday 25 September 2023
6.30pm Council Meeting
 Monday 9 October 2023  6.30pm Committee Meeting 
 Monday 23 October 2023 6.30pm Council Meeting
 Monday 20 November 2023 6.30pm Committee Meeting
 Monday  27 November 2023 5.15pm Public Forum
Monday  27 November 2023 6.30pm Council Meeting
 Monday 4 December 2023 6.30pm Committee Meeting
 Monday 11 December 2023 6.30pm Council Meeting
 Monday  12 February 2024 6.30pm  Committee Meeting
 Monday  26 February 2024 6.30pm  Council Meeting
 Monday 11 March 2024 6.30pm Committee Meeting
 Monday  25 March 2024  6.30pm Council Meeting
 Monday 8 April 2024 6.30pm Committee Meeting
Monday  22 April 2024 6.30pm Council Meeting
Monday 13 May 2024  6.30pm Committee Meeting
Monday  27 May 2024  6.30pm  Council Meeting 
Tuesday  11 June 2024  6.30pm  Committee Meeting 
Monday  24 June 2024  6.30pm  Council Meeting 
Monday  8 July 2024  6.30pm  Committee Meeting 
Monday  22 July 2024  6.30pm  Council Meeting 
Monday  12 August 2024  6.30pm  Committee Meeting
Monday  26 August 2024  6.30pm Council Meeting