Save energy and water

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Making small changes to your energy and water systems can result in big saving:

  • Reduce consumption by switching off lights, computers and photocopiers when not in use, and make use of natural lighting.
  • Manage heating and cooling by insulating, sealing drafts and shading. Every degree an air conditioner's set point is moved away from the actual temperature adds 10 per cent to heating and cooling costs.
  • Reduce air-conditioning demands by locating thermostats away from heat sources such as urns, photocopiers, sunlight or space heaters.
  • Buy an accredited GreenPower product from your electricity provider and you will be buying renewable energy as part of your bill.
  • There are many affordable, efficient and low-maintenance lighting options that can significantly reduce your operating costs.
  • Consider optimising your next lighting retrofit to reduce the lux level of general lighting, and therefore lamp wattage, and couple this with dimmable, efficient desk lamps for task lighting.
  • Install occupancy and daylight sensors to maximise efficiency.
  • Install a solar hot water system and solar panels.
  • Use a timer on your zip boiler, water cooler and hot water system.
  • Borrow a Save Power Kit from Lake Mac Libraries to measure and better understand your power use. The kit includes an infrared thermometer, Power-Mate Lite, compass, stopwatch, Save Power thermometer and a user guide.
  • If your business is in the construction, hospitality, nursery or manufacturing industry, you can receive advice on how you can reduce water usage and save money with Hunter Water.