Volunteer with us

One in five Lake Mac residents volunteer their time to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with locals and visitors alike. Our Volunteer Engagement Strategy(PDF, 9MB) recognises the important role volunteers play in building strong and resilient communities. We celebrate their contribution and aim to grow and develop the diversity of opportunities for volunteering with us and beyond.

Our vision
We believe that by cultivating our volunteers, sharing our aspirations and sustaining those who volunteer with us, we will evolve to a new level of working together.

Collaborate and inspire
Through the donation of your time, skills and talents you enable an organisation to deliver services and experiences to others in your community. This has a major impact on the quality of life of others. In return, volunteering provides a sense of belonging and personal fulfillment, while enhancing your career.

Volunteers provide organisations with a stronger depth of collective talent that can activate and inspire our communities into action.

Volunteering provides you with the chance to share your skills and abilities, follow your interests, and play an active part in shaping the culture of your local community.

Volunteers enhance community connections, resilience and social capital.