Dog-friendly food businesses

We know that pets are family and there's nothing better than getting out and about with your family, supporting a local pet-friendly food business. 

It's important for pet owners, and food businesses, to know the rules and regulations set out by the Companion Animals Amendment (Outdoor Dining Areas) Act 2010 No 33 in association with the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Let's work together and follow the rules and etiquette to ensure our local businesses continue to be welcoming, safe and enjoyable for all.

The amendment to the act states pet-friendly food businesses must have an outdoor dining area that is not enclosed and has outdoor access so members of the public accompanied by their pets do not pass through an enclosed area in which dogs are prohibited by the Act or other relevant legal restrictions. 

The pet is only permitted in the outdoor dining area, they must be on a lead at all times, they cannot be fed while on the premises and they must be kept on the ground.