About us

Lake Macquarie provides a naturally beautiful, vibrant, progressive environment for families to grow, businesses to thrive and tourists to visit.

It’s a city like no other, with lively communities, beautiful beaches, lush forests and the delights of a lakeside life. A city that’s rich in new ideas and next generation thinking – a natural playground for progress and possibility.

These are the unique building blocks of our city

  • We live and work in a natural playground. Lake Macquarie's abundance of natural assets provides a healthy, happy and fulfilling environment for our family of 95 communities.
  • We are the choice of industry leaders and innovators. Our local success stories range from small-scale entrepreneurs to big business, producing innovative products and services that compete on the world stage.
  • We are leaders in digital and business transformation. Firmly focused on future prosperity, Lake Macquarie provides business support and progressive infrastructure that takes us to the limits of possibility.
  • We are progressive partners in a prime location. Lake Macquarie City Council and our economic development team are committed to supporting visionary partners who share our growth aspirations for the future.
  • We love excitement, culture and adventure. Lake Macquarie satisfies every type of resident and visitor, from lovers of beauty and nature to sports and activity enthusiasts.