Financial assistance for medical waste disposal

If you require assistance to complete this application, please call our Customer Service Centre, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, on 4921 0333. 

Financial assistance is available for eligible residents who require additional domestic waste services.

If you have an ongoing medical condition that generates medical waste that cannot be managed through a standard kerbside waste collections service, you may be eligible for additional garbage collection services including an additional temporary bin, or an upsized 360L recycling service.

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Before you begin your application, please collect all the information that you will need to submit alongside your application:

Step 1.Authorisation from property owner

If you are a tenant, your additional waste service will need to be authorised by the property owner. Signed and dated authorisation from the property owner, including confirmation of the property address, must be submitted with your application.

Step 2.Medical certification

If you're applying for financial assistance due to an ongoing medical condition, you will need to submit a medical certificate form completed by your doctor. Medical certification must be provided by a doctor and submitted to support this application at the cost of the applicant.

The certification must state whether the applicant's condition is permanent or temporary and describe the type and quantity of medical waste generated each week.

The doctor must confirm that the applicant requires home treatment and/or management of a medical condition resulting in the generation of waste requiring disposal in the kerbside domestic waste service.

The certificate must also contain:

  • the patient’s and street address
  • doctor’s name and provider number
  • medical practice name, address and phone number
  • the doctor's signature and date signed by the doctor

Step 3.Apply online