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Council took over management of nine cemeteries within the City in about 1974. Up until this time, local parishes and church trustees conducted burials.

Council has documented burials from churches, funeral directors and grave diggers; however, many records are incomplete and all of our cemeteries have 'unknown' or 'unmarked' graves.

Council can help locate sites of deceased relatives who are interred or memorialised in our cemeteries.

Cemeteries search

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If you can provide a family name, our Customer Service Centre can search our database (subject to the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998), to help locate deceased persons.

If you require historic information on several family members, please email or send a letter with as much detail as you have and we will conduct a search and reply.

Our older records are incomplete and often we can locate a historical burial; however, the actual site may be unclear or there will be no record of a headstone. Historically, morality rates were higher (particularly for infants and children), and it was common that only the wealthy could afford a headstone.


If you can obtain a death certificate, it will identify the cemetery, parish or religious section for the burial; however, this will not locate the actual burial plot/site.

Speers Point Library has an extensive Family History Research section that you can access in branch.