Development contributions fee estimate request

Residential development plans are subject to development contributions under Section 7.11 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

If you need a development contribution fee estimate for a residential development, you can enquire online.


Step 1.Important information to know

If a contribution is required, we will confirm the fees payable upon determination of the application.

The consent authority or certifying authority will include as a condition of development consent or complying development certificate requiring the contribution. This condition will advise when the contribution needs to be paid.

Step 2.Gather your information

Before submitting your application, you need to have the following information handy:

  • Type of residential development 
  • Property address of the proposed development
  • The associated DA/CC/CDC number (if the development relates to an existing development)
  • Description of the proposed development, including the number of existing and additional lots associated with the proposed development, or bedroom and unit numbers for any strata proposal. For example, five x three bedroom town houses or apartments.

Please note: the above information is to generate a contribution fee estimate only, Development Consent is not implied. Other advice regarding permissibility, land zoning and LEP/DCP/legislative compliance is required prior to submitting any request for fess estimate or future Development Application/Complying Development Certificate. For further advice on what to submit, please contact Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333, 8am-5pm Monday to Friday. 

Once you have gathered all the information above, you can request a fee estimation online.