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Simply register your details to receive your next rates notice by email. 

Registration is easy, and by logging in you can view your rates notices online at any time.  You can download, save, print or leave them in your inbox to access and pay when convenient.

You can also view your rates history and further details online


To register, you will need to enter your eNotices reference number. This unique number can be found on your latest rates notice.

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To add additional notices, click 'Add your notice' in your dashboard and enter the eNotice Reference Number for each additional notice.

Once registered:

  • You will no longer be posted a paper rates notice
  • Registration received will take effect for the next Rates Notice issue

Update your eNotice details

To change the email address registered for your account, log in and update your contact details

Cancel receiving rates by email

It is the owner's responsibility to cancel their eNotices if they no longer wish to receive notices by email. To do this, log in to the eNotices portal and go to 'Accounts' page. Under the delivery method, change from 'Email' to Post' in the drop-down options. Your next instalment notice will be sent by post. Ensure that your postal address is correct by checking the lastest notice issued to you. If it is incorrect, update your postal address.

What to do if my property is being managed by a Real Estate Agent/Property Manager

You can add the email address of the Real Estate Agent or Property Manager by going to the 'Emails' tab under 'Update Contact Details'. Enter the email address as an additional email. This will send notices to both you and your Agent or Manager.

Please note: The Agent or Manager will receive all notices registered to your account, including any properties not managed by them. If you have multiple properties, and not all are being managed, you may need to forward emailed notices to your Agent or Manager instead of adding them to the eNotices System.

Property owners are responsible for removing any additional email addresses once management of the property ceases.


Register to receive your rates by email

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How can I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click the 'Forgot your password' link on the login screen. Follow the prompts to receive an email with a password reset link. If you are already logged in, go to 'Update Contact Details' and click on 'Change Password' button. Follow the prompts to update your password.

How do I recover my account if I change my email and password?

If you need to change your account email and password, please change your email first. If you change the password before updating your email and no longer monitor your previous email, you may be locked out of your account. You will then need to contact us to update your email for you.

Why was a rate notice issued on paper when I was registered for eNotices?

If you have changed your name, this can cause the system to revert to paper notices. Log in to your account and ensure it is linked correctly.