Start, join or find a community garden

Community gardens provide a space to grow fresh organic produce. They also support local food production, healthy living and improve social wellbeing in the local community.

Join an existing community garden, or start a garden in your area, by following these steps.

Start a community garden

Step 1.Talk to your community

Find out how much support there is for a community garden in your proposed area.

Step 2.Form a group

It takes an enthusiastic and committed group to establish a community garden.

Step 3.Find a patch of land

Contact us to discuss the best and most suitable options for where to create your community garden.

Step 4.Design your garden

Keeping it simple is a good way to get started. It also allows the garden to grow with the community. Your proposal may need to include information around governance and administration. Council can provide assistance and support with this.

Step 5.Grow

Once the necessary approvals have been granted, you are able to start work on your community garden. Council can assist in the ongoing management and promotion of your group and its activities.

For further information contact our Customer Service Centre on 02 4921 0333, 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday, and ask to speak to the Sustainability Engagement team.

Community gardens in Lake Macquarie