Enquire about an application

Using our Application Enquiry tool, you can:

  • submit your support or objection to a Development Application during the notification process
  • track the progress of Development Applications that are under assessment
  • access records of determined applications and certificates submitted since 2005
  • view determined applications with a Clause 4.6 variation

You can search by property address or application number, or search for a list of applications lodged within a date range.

Application Enquiry

The Application Enquiry tool displays documents in relation to development applications and associated certificates submitted since 2005. The information is made available under the provisions of the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

Personal information of third parties, Aboriginal heritage reports, survey reports or internal floor plans are not published on the web and can be formally requested under the GIPA Act. If the information is not available or if you can not find the information you're looking for via application tracking, contact our Customer Service Centre, Monday-Friday, 8am -5pm on 02 4921 0333 or email [email protected]