Apply for traffic control approval

If you are planning an activity on a Council road that requires traffic control you will need to submit an application for temporary traffic management to Council.

If your work or event impacts a Transport for NSW main road you will need to submit an application to Transport for NSW. If your work impacts a Transport for NSW main road and a local road you will need to submit your application to Transport for NSW prior to submitting an application to Council. See the Lake Macquarie Road Authority Map to identify Council owned and state owned roads.

If you are planning an event, traffic management is only one aspect. Please see our Planning an event page for more information.

Examples of when you need to apply

  • road maintenance such as resurfacing or line-marking
  • lane closures or other traffic management, for example, around a building site
  • moving equipment in and out of a building site
  • placing a barricade on the road
  • grass cutting along the median strip, requiring the road shoulder or a lane to be closed
  • lane closure or traffic management to trim trees
  • festivals, markets or events that affect the road network

If the works are related to a Utility installation a Minor Public Works Application must be submitted and the traffic management is to be included as an attachment. Additional fees may be charged if the utility works involve multiple Council assets (. i.e. roads, kerbs footpaths) and/or the traffic management is classed as medium or major.

If the works refer to an Application for Temporary Structure (i.e. fencing or hoarding, or occupation of land) the traffic management will be reviewed as part of that application.

If you are not sure whether you need to submit a Temporary Traffic Management Application, please contact Customer Service on 02 4921 0333 and speak to a Council officer for more information.

What factors are considered upon assessment?

Council takes a risk-based approach when reviewing Temporary Traffic Management Applications. We will assess applications as low, medium or high risk. Upon assessing your application we will consider a number of risk-based factors including

  • speed limit
  • traffic volume
  • vulnerability of other road users
  • impact to other properties, businesses and community facilities
  • potential congestion or significant detours
  • duration and timing
  • changes to traffic arrangements
  • upstream and downstream traffic conditions

How long prior to the activity should you apply?

For events, applications are required two months before the event.

All other applications need to be lodged at least four weeks prior to the planned traffic management.

Where events or work are repetitive in nature, Council may consider long term approval of traffic management.

Community consultation requirements

Your planned traffic management event may require you give notice of the works or event and consult with the community and other agencies or authorities. This will be determined upon application assessment. You may be required to consult or inform the police, other emergency services, bus operators, residents and businesses. You may be asked for evidence of this consultation and notification prior to works commencing. A written description of the public consultation process and copies of letter drops can be used as evidence. To assist, we have created an engagement letter template.

Letter drops are a common method of notifying affected residents and businesses. The distribution area will vary according to the activity and geography of the local area. When drafting a community notification, please ensure the notification is written in plain English. Letter drops should include:

  • the correct company logo
  • the location of traffic management or the event
  • a map or diagram of the proposed changes
  • the expected hours and dates of the activities
  • details of any road closures
  • the nature of the activities
  • site contact details

Engagement letter template

If your Temporary Traffic Management Application is for a public assembly event (including a procession), we recommend that you complete a NSW Police Notice of Intention to Hold a Public Assembly Schedule 1 Form and submit it to NSW Police. Your local police command can provide further information if required.

Licence Agreement

Once your application is approved you will be required to enter into a Road Licence Agreement with Council for the use of the road.

We will send you a Road Licence Agreement which you will need to sign and send back before any traffic management takes place.

Additional information

After submitting your Temporary Traffic Management application, we may request additional information or amendments. If your application is approved we will provide you with a Road Licence Agreement that you need to sign and return. You can use the form below to submit additional information, amendments or signed licence agreement.


Click here to view form.


Step 1.Gather your documents

As part of this application you will need to provide electronic copies of the following documents

  • Public liability insurance (minimum $20 million) with a Certificate of Currency which confirms Lake Macquarie City Council as an insured party.
  • Certificate of Currency for workers compensation insurance covering the period of the planned traffic management. 
  • A Traffic Control Plan developed by a qualified and licenced professional detailing layout of temporary signs and devices showing the traffic management arrangement.
  • A Traffic Management Plan required for applications deemed medium or high risk which has been developed by a qualified and licenced professional. Your traffic management contractor can help determine if a Traffic Management Plan is required.

Step 2.Pay

Fees for temporary traffic management applications can be found in our fees and charges

Step 3.Apply

Once you have all the required documentation, you can apply online. You will need to upload electronic versions of your documents to complete your application.