Erosion and sediment control

Sedimentation is a major issue affecting Lake Macquarie with an estimated 60,000 tonnes of material, mainly sediment, deposited in Lake Macquarie annually. Sediment runoff can destroy aquatic habitats, degrade water quality, reduce the capacity of stormwater infrastructure, contribute to flooding and increase maintenance costs. It's very important for developers, builders and home renovators to know their responsibilities when it comes to proper erosion and sediment control measures.

Benefits of erosion prevention

  • Improved on-site drainage and improved working conditions, especially in wet weather
  • Better site presentation to the public
  • Improved water quality and visual amenity of our waterways
  • Reduced impact on aquatic and marine ecosystems and improved waterway health
  • Improved environment for surfing, fishing, boating and other recreational activities
  • Less sedimentation of our waterways and reduced dredging costs
  • Reduction in complaints, clean up costs and Council fines 

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