Effluent removal (sewer pump out service)

Our contract with our sewer pump out provided has come to an end. We have been working with property owners affected by the change to find a sewer pump out provider that meets their individual needs. 


If you are yet to sign up to a provider, please reach out to Council's Environmental Health Officer on 02 4921 0769 to discuss your circumstances. 

Next steps

Step 1.Contact service providers

Contact service providers(PDF, 176KB) to obtain quotes and information according to your circumstances. 

When obtaining quotes from service providers, you may be asked for information on the average litres to be pumped out. You can refer to Remondis dockets that you have received for average litres pumped out. If you have not retained previous dockets, contact Council's Environmental Health Team on 02 4921 0769 or email [email protected]

Step 2.Speak to Hunter Water

Properties that can connect to sewer should speak to Hunter Water about the option to connect to the sewer. 

Step 3.Provide Council with your new contractor details

Provide Council with your service contractor details when they become available.

Contact us

If you need help with organising a new service provider, please call us on 02 4921 0769 or [email protected] to discuss your individual circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

Why is council changing the way it services these systems?

While hunter water corporation is the water authority for our city, not all properties can connect to the sewer network. These properties essentially need to find an alternative way of managing wastewater.

Now that there are available contractors to provide this service, we are confident residents can obtain reliable services without council needing to facilitate a contract. This will allow property owners to have greater control and flexibility over the frequency of their wastewater removal rather than committing to a fortnightly one-size-fits-all pump out service.

What is an onsite sewage facility?

If your home is not able to connect to the sewer network, an onsite sewage facility is required to treat and dispose of the wastewater from your sinks, showers, baths and toilets.

What does the change to the sewer pump out service mean?

We’re working with property owners to find a new sewer pump out solution that works for them. From July 2024, homeowners will have direct contracts with local service providers to give them greater control and flexibility over their wastewater removal.

How do I know if my system will be affected by the change?

You will receive a call, email or letter from us notifying you about the change.

How do I find a new service provider?

A list of potential service providers(PDF, 176KB) has been included in our correspondence.

When I engage a service provider, will I be required to have the wastewater from my tanks pumped out fortnightly?

The frequency of pump out can be arranged with your new service provider to match your water usage and individual circumstances.

Will council assist me if I have problems with my new service provider?

Yes, we can support you by providing historical data and information relating to your individual circumstances.

Will my rates be amended once I find a new service provider?

The historic service has ceased, and the effluent charge has been removed from your rates notice for the 2024-2025 financial year.

Will the cost of the service increase?

While we are not able to guarantee costs for individual properties, we are confident competitive pricing is available across the market.

Will my approval to operate conditions change?

There will be minor changes made to your current approval to operate document. An amended approval to operate will be sent to property owners after 30 June 2024.

Can I find out how big my septic tank and collection wells are?

Council may have records showing the volumes of approved septic tanks and collection wells. You can contact us on 02 4921 0769 to find out if we have records for your property.

How can I monitor the contents of my pump out system to prevent the tank from overflowing?

There are two main ways to monitor your tank contents to prevent your tank from overflowing. One way is to physically check the contents using the inspection lid.

You can also consider installing a high-level water alarm, which is connected to a panel (usually in your house) and sounds an alarm when levels are nearing full. There is a cost associated with installing a high-level water alarm.

How can I reduce the amount of water entering my tanks?

You can install water-saving fixtures in your house, use a shower timer, reduce the use of baths, install dual flush toilets and choose water saving appliances to help reduce water use.

You can prevent stormwater from entering the tank by ensuring there are no entry points for stormwater runoff, the tank lid is located above the ground level and stormwater drainage on the property is maintained.

Are there any options to divert my grey water?

Grey water treatment systems accredited by NSW Health are available but requires approval in unsewered areas.

Who is responsible for my onsite sewage system?

Property owners are responsible for ensuring the facility on their property is maintained.

Can I connect my property to the hunter water sewer and avoid seeking my own service provider?

You will need to make enquires with hunter water about connecting your property to the sewer. If it is possible, you will need to make application directly to hunter water. Direct connection to the hunter water sewer network will mean you no longer require pump out services.

What will council require from me once I find a service provider?

Please call us on 02 4921 0769 to provide us with details of your new service provider.