Compostable bags

Extra compostable bags

Top up bags of 50 can be collected free of charge at:

Proof of address such as a driver’s licence will be required when collecting bags from Lake Mac facilities.

Purchasing compostable bags

Bags can be ordered online and delivered for your convenience to your household for $10 (roll of 150).

Order compostable bags

Compostable bags of varying sizes are also available at some retail outlets and online stores for a fee and are available to purchase from vending machines at:

  • Charlestown Square (Ground floor and mezzanine level)
  • Stocklands Glendale (Coles foyer)

How often do I need to change the bag?

We recommend changing the bag over every few days even if it’s not full to avoid it breaking when you transport it to your green bin. Some households may use more or less depending on their individual circumstances..

What is the difference between compostable and biodgradeable bags?

In order for a product to be called compostable, it must comply with an Australian Standard to ensure it breaks down completely in the compost process. These certified compostable bags are the only bags that will be accepted in your green waste bin. The use of plastic, degradable and biodegradable bags can damage the machinery used to sort and compost the food and garden waste and will contaminate the finished product. If you do not wish to use compostable bags, you may place items loosely into your green bin.

How can I tell if a bag is certified compostable?

Bags provided by Lake Mac facilities, vending machines and ordered online are certified compostable bags. If you are purchasing compostable bags, they must comply with Australian Standard AS4736 and display this symbol.

How long will the compostable bags last?

Households do not need to stockpile compostable bags because more are available from Lake Mac facilities. Since the compostable bags are made of corn starch, they may start to break down after 12-18 months. Therefore, we are encouraging residents to only collect more bags when required.

Can I use compostable bags to dispose of dog faeces?

Yes. Dog poo is accepted in the green bin either loose or in a compostable bag. Smaller compostable bags, specifically for dog poo, are available to purchase from the vending machine locations listed above.

Do I have to use compostable bags?

No. We are providing compostable bags because many people prefer to bag their food waste. However, if you prefer, food waste can be placed in the green bin loose along with garden waste or wrapped in newspaper.

How long will Council be supplying compostable bags?

At this stage the supply of compostable bags will be ongoing.

Page last updated: 16 July 2019