Animal registration

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All dogs and cats over the age of six months are required to be registered under the Companion Animals Act 1998. Registrations are transferable from one Council area to another within New South Wales.

The owner must be a person 18 years or over. If the animal is a dog, the owner must not be disqualified from owning a dog.

If you are from the Lake Macquarie area, provide your Companion Animal information to Council and we can start the process to register your cat, dog or change your existing details. Registration fees are applicable on approval of your documentation.

Start the registration or update process

Companion Animals Pet Registry

You can instantly register your pet online at the NSW Pet Registry.

The NSW Pet Registry is available for cat and dog owners to update their contact details, report their pet missing, transfer ownership and pay most lifetime registration fees online.

Creating a profile on the NSW Pet Registry and keeping your contact details updated, is the easiest way for you to be contacted if your pet is found.

Lifetime registration

Registration clearly identifies the animal as yours.  If you pet becomes lost, we will be able to notify you of your animal's whereabouts if it is found.

To apply for lifetime registration of your cat or dog, under the Companion Animals Act 1998, you need to complete the Lifetime Registration(PDF, 157KB) form.

Once this form has been entered on the Animal Register you will receive a certificate recording your details as the new owner.

Permanent identification

When your pet is microchipped, the Authorised Identifier who microchipped your animal should provide you with a pink copy of the 'Permanent Identification' form.

Annual permit

The NSW Government has introduced annual permits for non-desexed cats and restricted and dangerous dogs as part of its commitment to promoting responsible pet ownership and improving animal welfare standards.

Owners of cats not desexed by four months of age are required to pay an $80 annual permit fee, in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee.

Owners of dogs of a restricted breed or formally declared to be dangerous are required to pay an $195 annual permit fee, in addition to their one-off lifetime pet registration fee.

Annual permit fees will go directly to the Companion Animals Fund which pays for companion animal management by local councils including pounds/shelters, ranger services, dog recreation areas, and education and awareness programs.

Change of address

For NSW residents with animals registered under the NSW Companion Animals Register, you must update your details when you change your address.

If you have changed address details since the animal was microchipped and you have not notified this change previously, you will need to complete the Change of Owner details(PDF, 315KB) form. 

This notice must be received within 14 days of your change of address.

Change of owner/owner's details

Owners of dogs and cats must complete a Change of owner/owner's(PDF, 69KB) form when the animal is sold or given to a new owner.

Sterilisation certificate

If your pet is desexed and you are wishing to claim a discounted registration fee, proof of sterilisation documentation is required. This can include:

  • sterilisation certificate with the date of desexing or
  • a letter confirming form the vet with date of desexing or
  • a clear receipt from a vet with date of desexing or
  • a statutory declaration by the owner stating the date of desexing and who undertook the service

Eligible discounts

Pensioner discounts

To be eligible to claim for a discounted registration fee for a desexed cat or dog, you need to provide a copy of your Pensioner Concession card at the time of registration.

Pound/shelter animals

Free lifetime registration is available for people who adopt a desexed rescue pet from an approved council pound, animal shelter and rehoming organisations.

Deceased pet notification - Cancel registration

If your cat or dog has died, you must notify Council within 28 days (or 24 hours in the case of a restricted dog or a Declared Dangerous Dog) of its death so we can amend the registration details.

To notify us, you must be the registered owner of the animal.

Notify us of your deceased pet