Natural disaster recovery road stabilisation projects

Wangi road subsidence February 2023-5.jpg

Wet weather and natural disaster events have resulted in damage to several roads across the city.

Council is planning works to stabilise and repair roads affected by these events.

Find out more below. 

Beach Road, Wangi Wangi

Beach Road, Wangi Wangi was damaged during a landslip in April 2022. The road has been closed at the landslip site and detours are in place to direct traffic along Lake View Road. Residential access is available along Beach Road.

The site is being managed for safety until repairs can be undertaken.

Next steps

Transport for NSW, which administers the natural disaster funding relief arrangements, has reviewed and endorsed the concept designs.

Detailed design is in progress, and we expect this phase will take about three months to complete. Following this and subject to approvals by Transport for NSW, a construction tender is expected to be released towards the end of this calendar year, with works expected to begin in 2025.

Project timeline

  • Concept designs - Complete
  • Detailed designs - Expected completion in mid-2024
  • Transport for NSW approval - Mid to late 2024
  • Tender for construction released - Late 2024
  • Construction to begin - Early 2025

Deaves Road, Mandalong

Emergency works were undertaken in May 2023 to address immediate safety issues caused by deterioration of the road surface.

We are planning long term rehabilitation of Deaves Road, between Crawford Road and Mandalong Road.

We are working through the detailed design and approvals process for the works.

It is expected that works to repair and rehabilitate the road will be completed within the next two years.

Hooey Street, Catherine Hill Bay

In April 2024, a severe wet weather event resulted in a landslip at Hooey Street, Catherine Hill Bay.

We are planning emergency works to stabilise the area. Geotechnical investigations are underway and will inform a temporary solution to prevent further erosion at the site.

Following this we will work on a permanent solution to repair the site. This will require detailed designs and approvals from relevant authorities. This process may take some time.

Council will seek financial assistance under the NSW Natural Disaster Relief Fund arrangements or through other appropriate means to provide relief measures.

We understand the inconvenience to our community and appreciate your patience while we investigate this matter. Once further information becomes available, we will update the community.