Harold Knight Sports Complex


Council is committed to providing the best facilities and playing surfaces year-round.

We’re redeveloping the Harold Knight Sports Complex at Gateshead to ensure the best quality grounds for our local sporting community.

Construction has commenced and the works are expected to be complete by end of 2024.

Key features

  • Expanded and reconfigured sports field areas
  • Construction of new car parking area
  • Construction of new sports amenities building
  • Construction of new sports field lighting, fencing, irrigation and pedestrian paths
  • Realignment of existing shared pedestrian cycleway.

Site plan

Site plan.png


Underway Lighting installation
Late 2024

Amenities construction, landscaping and civil works

Sports fields construction


Frequently asked questions

What is Council proposing to build as part of the Harold Knight Sports Complex?

We are constructing a new amenities building, expanding and reconfiguring the sports fields as well as installing new lighting and walking paths.

When are the works expected to be complete? 

The works have begun and will be completed in stages over the next 12-18 months, with completion expected by late 2024.

How many trees are being removed as part of the project? 

We have removed 16 trees in total. While there is a requirement for tree removal to allow for the new sporting infrastructure, Council has installed nest boxes and is completing replacement plantings within the site. New tree species are similar to those already on-site.

What kind of approval process did the Harold Knight Sports Complex go through? 

The approval for this project was completed under the State Environmental Policy (Infrastructure) 2007.


4a Willow Road, Gateshead 2290

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