Charlestown Lions Park expansion

Irene Austin Reserve playground - December 2023-16.jpg

We’re planning an expansion of the Charlestown Lions Park at Carl Close, Charlestown.  We are in the process of finalising detailed designs for the park.

A master plan(PDF, 523KB) was developed for the site in consultation with the local community.

The master plan was adopted by Council in December 2017. 


Project status

In late December 2023, site fencing was installed to allow for demolition of the houses in Carl Close and Lincoln Street, Charlestown. The demolition works are expected to be complete in early 2024.

We are in the process of finalising detailed designs for the park. The construction of the park is included in Council’s forward works plan. 

Project features

Key features of the adopted master plan include:

  • a central promenade along the alignment of Carl Close
  • updated park including seating and barbecue
  • new fenced playground
  • improved landscaping
  • car parking
  • multi-courts


Frequently asked questions

How is the park expansion being funded?

The expansion is funded by the Charlestown Endowment Fund and Charlestown Developer Contributions Plan. We are also seeking grant funding opportunities to help realise the full potential of the park.

Was the community consulted as part of the design?

The community was consulted(PDF, 352KB) as part of the master plan development in 2017.

Will the park remain as a Lions Park?

The expanded park will remain known as Charlestown Lions Park, in recognition of the Lions Club’s history in the establishment and continued activities at the park.

When will construction occur?

There are no set timeframes for construction of the park. Construction is expected to occur in the coming years.

Why is Council upgrading the park?

As part of the Charlestown Square redevelopment, Council begun voluntarily acquiring property in Carl Close to allow for the expansion of the Lions Park. This allows Council to continue to provide recreational opportunities for residents in Charlestown and neighbouring suburbs.