psyborg®, part-mind, part-machine doing big things in graphic design

Published on 18 October 2023

What does part-mind, part-machine and a graphic design company have in common? A lot according to owner of psyborg®, Daniel Borg.

“When we refer to ‘part mind’ we are talking about the conceptual thinking that goes into the creativity we use to discover your brand,” he said

“When we refer to ‘part machine’we are talking about the software and systems we use to implement your brand – it’s really as simple as that.”

Daniel runs his graphic design company from the shores of Caves Beach, a place he’s called home since he was 14, when his family relocated from Western Sydney.

Daniel spent his formative years as an avid skater and budding artist, often recreating graphics from skateboard decks.

Daniel-Borg-03 v2.jpg

Fast forward to 2023, Daniel's dedication to his industry led his company, psyborg, to be awarded the Business Excellence Award for Micro Business for two years.

“We’re thrilled,” he said.

“It’s a testament to the dedication and creativity of our team, and we’re immensely proud to continue this legacy.”

LMBEA 21 July 2023-35 psyborg.jpg

Daniel always had machinery on his mind and had originally pursued a career in mechanical engineering.

But it wasn’t long before his creativity spurred him to abandon his engineering course and enter the world of graphic design – just as the internet emerged.

“Coming into this field with an engineering mindset was a perfect collision of both worlds," Daniel said.

"I started it in my fourth year at university because I could see the internet's transformative potential in the graphic design space. Taking the risk early to start my own business was significant."

Why set up in Lake Mac?

"Lake Macquarie is an untapped gem. It's a unique city around the lake, distinct from the bustling hubs of Sydney and Newcastle."

To further link the community, Daniel established local group Caves Beach Connect, which helps more than 150 people seek out new opportunities and collaborate.

"Staying current is crucial,” he said.

We research competitors and aim to outperform existing trends. We look to renowned clients and businesses, like those in Silicon Valley, which often have leading designers on board.”

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