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Published on 13 February 2024

They’re a leading organisation keeping big industries and emergency response teams well equipped with firefighting and rescue equipment. Now, Fire Response has claimed their second Excellence in Small Business Award for their hard work in the space.

“It has given us a sense of recognition and pride in being recognised in our community,” Managing Director Nick Foran said.

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“The coming fire season is expected to be very serious and we already have many fires burning around NSW. 

“It’s important that everyone is prepared and supported.”

Located in Gateshead the company continues to supply leading materials to rural fire brigades, emergency services, ambulance services, police services, mine sites, gas and oil industries, marine, defence industries and more.

More recently, the team has been helping overhaul fire systems in large Hunter Valley mines.

“What started as servicing some of their malfunctioning equipment has developed into finding ways to maximise their efficiency and their ability to subdue a fire outbreak,” Nick.

“We know that we have the best equipment and the world’s leading firefighting foams, so it is satisfying to be able to add to the safety of these operations.”

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Having grown up in Lake Mac, Nick said it was rewarding to give back to the local community in big ways.

“We employ local people and use as many local businesses as we can which boosts our local economy,” Nick said.

“We foster a great relationship with our neighbouring businesses and share our resources with them as appropriate.”

Looking forward, the team has big plans to expand.

“We are moving our business to Bennetts Green to give us more flexibility, comfort, security and better storage,” Nick said.

“We are trying hard to hire a Business Development Manager to support our growing interests in the mining and industrial sector.”

Fire Response was the winner of Excellence in Small Business at the 2023 Lake Macquarie Business Excellence Awards.

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