Water Safety: A Matter of Seconds

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Lake Macquarie City Council’s Matter of Seconds Water Safety Program delivers basic water safety and emergency care education at the primary school level. Developed and presented by Council’s professional beach lifeguards the program targets Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 6 students.

In addition to the school program, digital resources are available to the community to help keep us safe in and around the water. Our education packages include Basic Water Safety, Water Safety Awareness and Introduction to First Aid and bring the beach environment straight to your screen wherever you may be. Together lets make sure we are prepared when having fun at our beaches and pools.


Basic Water Safety Resources

Let's meet Larry the lifeguard


Basic Safety Awareness Resources

Step 1.Pool safety


Step 2.Things to know when you're on a boat


Step 3.Rock pools, and how to safely explore them


Step 4.Beach safety


Step 5.Let's review what we've learned so far


Step 6.The meanings behind beach signs and flags


Step 7.The equipment our lifeguards use to keep us safe


Step 8.How to detect a rip and what to do if you're caught in one


Step 9.What to do if you need to be rescued

Introduction to First Aid

Step 1.How to conduct CPR


Step 2.How to put someone in the recovery position


Step 3.How to treat a heart attack or chest pain


Step 4.How to treat bleeding


Step 5.How to handle breaks and dislocations


Step 6.How to treat an asthma attack


Step 7.How to treat an allergic reaction