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Published on 07 May 2024

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Home to one of the largest salt water lakes in Australia, with 174km of lakefront, as well as more than 32km of coastline, Lake Macquarie is a veritable mecca for fishers. Whether you’re a pro-angler or you’re just looking for some places to take the kids, here is our list of the best places to go fishing in Lake Mac.

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Shingle Splitters Point

Known as one of the best places in Lake Mac to experience shore fishing, this spot is a local favourite. Located in Shingle Splitters Point Park on Queen Street, Balcolyn, you’ll mainly be catching Flathead and Whiting if you visit here.

Tip: Why not bring a picnic lunch, relax and enjoy waterfront views after your long day of fishing!

Belmont Bay

Belmont Bay is known for it’s Bream, Flathead and Snapper. Another popular land-based fishing spot, Belmont Bay features a pier and boardwalk with plenty of space to cast your line.

The Bay has a few different areas to try when casting your line. Belmont Bay North to Speers Point is a popular deep-water option, while the area out from the rocky shores between Green Point and Valentine fishes well for Bream, Whiting and Flathead.

Tip: The average depth of Belmont Bay is 10 metres.

Speers Point Jetty

An ideal spot for families, the water surrounding Speers Point Jetty is the place to find species like Tailor, Bream and Whiting. Whether you plan to stay on land or take a boat to explore Cockle Creek and Five Islands, there is plenty of fish to see.

Tip: Saltwater will take a pretty big toll on your fishing gear. If you don't invest in fishing gear that is specifically designed to withstand corrosion, you're going to find that your gear rusts and quickly becomes unusable. To prolong the life of your fishing rod, be sure to give it a thorough rinse with freshwater after each use.

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Swansea Channel

Drive over the Swansea Bridge and you are sure to see plenty of keen fishers out and about. The Channel’s tidal current and proximity to the open ocean attracts a wide variety of larger fish species that are harder to find in the Lake. The area is known for its schools of Australian Salmon.

Tip: If you’re looking to catch bigger fish, you’ll need big baits like squid heads, fish heads and fillets.

The Drop Over

If you’ve tried Swansea Channel and are looking for something different, head round to the lakeside near Marks Point. The waters are calmer and home to schools of Flathead, Bream, Whiting, Kingish and prawns.

Tip: Before you go fishing, familiarise yourself with the Department of Industries, Rules and Regulations for fishing so you can keep safe and follow the rules.

Pelican foreshore

The lakeside suburb of Pelican is nestled between Swansea and Belmont. Another popular spot for families, Pelican foreshore has plenty of space for picnics and outdoor activities, as well as fishing.

Tip: If you head a little further along the coastline, you’ll find Naru Beach. This a great place for catching Whiting and Bream, as well as the ideal location to go for a dip in summer.

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Pulbah Island

The largest island in Lake Macquarie, Pulbah is a place for the more experienced angler. Only accessible by boat, the fish varieties available are usually Bream and Tailor. The water at Pulbah can be more than 15m deep depending on the tides.

Tip: If you are looking to catch Bream, try to use fresh bait. Live prawns are most popular if you can find them.

Valentine Boat Ramp

The newly-built boat ramp at Bennett Park, Valentine, has a pontoon for the community to enjoy. The large spanning foreshore hosts a playground and barbecue picnic area so the whole family can make a day of it.

Tip: Tracking the weather and the moon is a good way to determine the best days to fish. The highest tides of the month align with the new or full moon. Many fish like the higher water so those days are often most fruitful. 

Murrays Beach foreshore

With a large waterfront area and jetty, there is plenty of space to cast your line. Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful bushland and lake views.

Tip: When fishing at a beach, it’s important to look for darker, deep-looking water, more commonly known as gutters. This is where the waves break and a popular spot for fish.  

Croudace Bay

Croudace Bay has a larger boat ramp that is user-friendly for those with larger craft and two-wheel drive vehicles. A popular spot during the summer, this is the perfect location for those who like to fish out on the water. The most popular species caught here are Dusky Flathead and Australasian Snapper.

Tip: Let your bait hit the bottom of the sea floor. Once you cast a line, let it fall limp before reeling it in. This means your bait has touched the bottom which is the perfect spot to catch fish. When you do start to reel in, lightly shake the rod so that it mimics the movements of a live worm.

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