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Published on 29 April 2024

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In recent times, we’ve all taken a closer look at where we live. Coupled with greater work flexibility and rising house prices, it’s no surprise that so many Sydneysiders are making the move to Lake Macquarie.

Just an hour and a half from the state capital, this coastal hub stretches from sandy beach to saltwater lake to serene forest. Along with its natural attractions, you’ll find a vibrant community, thriving economy and affordable homes - which make Lake Macquarie NSW’s most attractive regional destination for people relocating from capital cities.

Among these sea changers are Asha, her partner and her baby. Read on to discover why young families like the Sharkeys are choosing life in Lake Macquarie.

Like many Australians post-covid, the Sharkeys relocated when remote work was given the green light.

The pull of Lake Macquarie? If their current working structures change, they have plenty of job prospects on their doorstep!

“We figured if a hybrid working situation wasn't available, we would get local jobs, given there are opportunities for us in Newcastle’s tech industry,” Asha said.

Now taking advantage of Lake Macquarie’s location, the Sharkeys enjoy the perks of remote work while slipping into Sydney whenever needed. This trip to the office is just as easy as commuting from the western suburbs.

“We occasionally travel to Sydney for work. Thankfully, this drive doesn’t involve being stuck in traffic on the M1!”

But wherever Lake Macquarie locals earn their wages, it offers an unbeatable work-life balance…

Sharkey Family.JPG

Bordered by Australia’s largest salt-water lagoon, the Watagans National Park and the Pacific Ocean, Lake Macquarie is awash with outdoor activities.

From surfing to cycling, the Sharkeys love to recharge in the great outdoors. For Asha, it’s all about the water.

“When the ocean isn't suitable weather-wise, I swim in the pool at Swansea.”

Meanwhile, her partner is busy exploring the wilderness by bike.

“He’s picked up some new hobbies since living here! He goes mountain biking from Caves Beach to Catherine Hill Bay, and motorcycling in the Watagans.”


And the adventures won’t stop there. One day, the family plans to buy a boat.

After all, moving to Lake Macquarie offers more savings and space, than life in a major city.

With a median house price of $860,000 (as opposed to Sydney's $1.23 million), property is more affordable - which is why the Sharkeys originally decided to move.

“We wanted to buy a house near the beach with a big garage to support our hobbies. You just can't get that in Sydney without spending millions.”

From dining to daycare, lower costs can extend beyond the home, too.

“The local pub is much cheaper for food and drink. And we’re hoping childcare will be noticeably cheaper.”

The Sharkeys ended up buying in Caves Beach after falling in love with its community feel.

Balancing the family-friendly amenities of city life (think playgrounds, daycare facilities and educational tours) with the peace and quiet of mother nature, this area is hard to beat.

“It's a great place to raise a family, with a slower pace of life. Plus, we have a nice big garden for our son to play in.”

Asha image_67169793 landscape.jpg

Not to mention nearby date spots for mum and dad.

“There are so many options for coffee and brunch, like Caves Coastal Bar and Mylo’s Caves Beach. And as wine drinkers, we regularly go for lunch or dinner in the Hunter Valley!”

All in all, we see why more urbanites are following in the Sharkeys' footsteps. With its natural beauty, relaxed lifestyle and convenient location, Lake Macquarie is a special spot to call home. 

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