Other types of food vending

There are other types of food vending such as vending of private land at approved community events and street stalls. 

Vending on private land (eg commercial property)

To leave the vehicle in a single place and continually trade from that place will require a formal Development Approval for that land use.

Vending at approved community events, sporting events, or markets, special events

To operate at special events, you will be required to gain approval from the event organiser who is responsible for ensuring that the event has appropriate approvals for the event. The NSW Food Authority has adopted guidelines for food businesses operating at temporary events.

Street stalls on public land and public roads (roadside stalls)

Roadside stalls and street stalls are defined as:

  • Vehicles that are stationary for extended durations and/or propose to erect physical structures such as awnings, tables, chairs or banners.
  • Street stalls (including trailers) distributing fruit, vegetables, flowers or any other items on public land.

You will need to lodge an Application for street stalls on public roads or public land(PDF, 56KB) under the Local Approvals Policy(PDF, 827KB) .