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SEEN@Swansea hosts a series of exhibitions exploring Lake Macquarie’s history, community stories and treasures, as well as special shows on themes ranging from dinosaurs to recycled sculpture.


Then and Now

1 February - 29 March

SEEN@Swansea, Swansea Centre

Open daily 10am-3pm, gold coin entry

Lake Macquarie has changed a lot in the past 100 years. The new exhibition at SEEN@Swansea showcases photographs of the past and the present.

Can you spot the differences?

Coming soon


4 April – 31 May


Everyone has a collection. From Stars Wars to model trains this special exhibition brings together local collectors to ask ‘why they collect?’ and ‘what they collect?’

Call for Collections

Do you have a collection? Maybe of stamps, coins, collectables, trains, or cameras?

We would love to include your collection in our upcoming exhibition ‘Collectors’ at SEEN@Swansea.

If you are interested in loaning your collection (or part of it) for this exhibition please complete the application form below.

All collections will be loaned under a formal agreement.(PDF, 203KB)

All applicants will receive confirmation of their application within two weeks of date of receipt.


228-234 Pacific Highway, Swansea 2281  View in Google Maps

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