Redhead Pump Track

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Lake Macquarie's first pump track is now open at Redhead Beach.

The track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns (berms) and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping" — generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedalling or pushing.

The track is designed to provide new challenges as riders increase their skills and speed; a feature that a five-year-old can roll through doubles as an exhilarating gap jump for a professional.

Pump tracks are relatively simple to use and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels. They can be used by bike riders, skateboarders, scooters, roller bladers and more.

Council engaged world renowned company Velosolutions to design and construct the new pump track facility.

The global leader has built more than 500 pump tracks in 50 countries around the world, including some half dozen in Australia, comprising 48 kilometres of bike trails to date.

User guide

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Code of Conduct

  • Respect other track users
  • Ensure your bike is in good working order
  • Helmets should be worn at all times
  • Ride within your ability and keep your bike under control
  • Please keep to the track
  • Riders ahead of you have right of way
  • Lowering your seat will help you to control your bike
  • No littering
  • No motorbikes

Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, dial 000 and state your location.


38 Alison Street, Redhead 2290  View in Google Maps

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