Toronto foreshore revitalisation

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Toronto’s foreshore is transforming into an attractive and vibrant recreational destination.

The multi-stage upgrade will take place over the coming years and is funded by development contributions.

View theToronto Foreshore Masterplan(PDF, 42MB)for a high-level overview of what is proposed.

The foreshore upgrade will be completed in four precincts.

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Town Green Precinct

This stage is now complete. It involved a new rotunda-style pavilion, public square, terraced lawn and open foreshore space.

Wharf Road Precinct

Council is undertaking investigation works for the next stage of the Toronto foreshore revitalisation project the Wharf Road precinct.

The Wharf Road precinct involves:

  • expansion of the playground
  • expanded cafe area
  • expanded amenities
  • shade pavilion and seating with barbecues
  • outdoor fitness area
  • landscaping and pathways
  • two disable car parking space at the end of Wharf Road
  • the removal of the boat ramp at Wharf Road

Toronto Baths is also receiving an upgrade as part of the works. The baths will be fully enclosed and made accessible thanks to a $1 million grant from the NSW Government’s Places to Swim program. Upgrades to the baths are underway, and are expected to be complete in July 2024, weather permitting. 

The Terraces Precinct

The Terraces Precinct works will celebrate the existing character of the site and provide connections along and between each terrace.

This stage is in detailed design but will involve key elements such as:

  • shade pavilion and seating
  • lookouts
  • extension of the shared pathway to link to the Town Green
  • demolition of the cottages at 5 and 9 Victory Row
  • vegetation and landscaping

Further updates will be provided in the future regarding this stage. 

Bath Street Precinct

The Bath Street Precinct is in detailed design but will involve key elements such as:

  • new public square and parking
  • commercial building approximately 300sqm
  • new landscaped terraces
  • belvedere and new stair connections

Further updates will be provided in the future regarding this stage. 


Works update

Detailed designs are progressing for the Wharf Road and Goffet Park Precincts, as well as the Toronto Baths upgrade.

We are on track for works to begin on the Toronto Baths enclosure in April 2024.

Project timeline

Date Description


Community consultation regarding the Toronto Foreshore Master Plan.

May 2021

Toronto Foreshore Master Plan adopted.

May-September 2021

Detailed design and planning for Town Green Precinct.

September 2021-November 2022

Town Green Precinct


Detailed design of remaining stages.

May 2024 - July 2024

Upgrades to Toronto Swimming Baths
Mid 2025  Wharf Road Precinct (including playground) construction to commence.


Future precincts including The Terraces (below the train station), Bath Street and Goffett Park are subject to Heritage NSW approvals.


As part of the development of the Toronto Foreshore Master Plan, we undertook extensive community consultation. The final plan was adopted by Council in May 2021.

Frequently asked questions

How is the project being funded?

The entire foreshore transformation is expected to cost around $10 million. This will be funded through Development Contributions. An additional $1 million has been committed by the NSW Government to enclose and upgrade facilities at Toronto Baths.

When are the works expected to occur?

The foreshore works will be completed across four precincts.

  • Town Green Precinct was completed in 2022  
  • Works on Wharf Road Precinct are expected to begin in 2024-2025
  • Future precincts including The Terraces (below the train station), Bath Street and Goffett Park, subject to Heritage NSW approvals

How will the foreshore revitalisation benefit the community?

The revitalisation works will deliver a vibrant and attractive destination on the shores of Lake Macquarie for the community to enjoy.

How was the community consulted about the works?

The community was invited to provide feedback at several stages throughout the development of the Toronto Foreshore Master Plan.  The Plan was adopted in May 2021, and will be used to guide detailed designs for the works. More information about the community consultation can be found at

Why is Council undertaking investigations at the site?

The geotechnical and Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit investigations are part of Council’s due diligence as part of undertaking the detailed design for future precincts.

Is Council talking to the local Aboriginal Land Council about the project to ensure it is respectful of Aboriginal heritage and history?

Council has engaged umwelt to undertake the heritage interpretation for the project, which includes consultation with the local Aboriginal Land Council.

Will there be on-site parking?

Formal on-street parking of up to 30 spaces, plus eight additional parking spaces to service the small-scale building is proposed for Bath Street. The new public square adjacent to the Toronto Amateur Sailing Club provides 12 parks, and the two disabled parking spaces are retained near the cafe on Wharf Road.  In response to feedback received through the last round of consultation, drop-off spaces are also proposed at Bath Street, the town green public square and Wharf Road.

Why is the Wharf Road boat ramp being removed?

During community consultation, 65 per cent of survey respondents were supportive of the removal of the Wharf Road boat ramp, given its shortcomings in terms of access, safety and suitable infrastructure, and opportunity it affords in terms of providing additional open space, boardwalk and playground expansion.

Comments received from those unsupportive of the removal of the boat ramp included the need to provide suitable alternatives. The perceived limitations of some of the boat ramps in the area were highlighted.

In conjunction with the design of the foreshore and the Lake Activation Strategy, Council will investigate the potential to upgrade the boat ramp facilities at Toronto Lions Park to provide for potential increased usage.

What is proposed for the Bath Street site?

In September 2020, Council agreed to progress with further design and consultation works for a small-scale single storey building, including decking, with a total footprint of no more than 300m2, and car parking. This will be undertaken once the detailed design and implementation of the Toronto Foreshore Master Plan is complete. 

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