Managing bush fire risk at Cameron Park


Council is enhancing Asset Protection Zones (APZs) in Cameron Park as part of our ongoing work to reduce the risk of property damage and harm from bush fires.

As part of our management of APZs, Council works closely with bush fire experts and the Rural Fire Service. As a result of this consultation, over the coming years, we will be working in stages to enhance current APZs and establish new zones to provide greater protection to properties.

In the meantime, Council and other landowners will continue to maintain APZs on a biennial basis. You can assist us in this work by ensuring vehicles, caravans, boats and other items are not parked/stored within these zones.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Asset Protection Zone (APZ)?

APZs are established areas around built assets or structures where vegetation is specifically managed to reduce fuel and help mitigate the risk of bush fires. APZs have been established throughout Cameron Park to help reduce bush fire risk to residential properties that are close to bushland.

Where will new APZs be established or current zones enhanced?

Council will work first in the green areas of the map, then move onto the areas marked cyan (light blue) and purple, before returning to complete further works at already established APZs in the yellow areas of the map.

If this work will impact nearby property owners, we will notify you as we move into your area.

Developers of Northlakes Estate and Cameron Grove will undertake similar works in the areas of the map marked in red, orange, blue and magenta/pink.

Cameron Park APZ map.png

What work will Council carry out to construct the new APZs?

We will be clearing low-level shrubs and grasses and pruning lower branches in bushland next to residential properties to create a barrier of a defined width, in accordance with advice from bush fire consultants and the NSW Rural Fire Service. It is likely that the widths of new APZs will vary depending on the position of nearby residential properties.

How often does Council maintain its APZs?

APZs are maintained twice yearly, generally leading up to and within the bush fire danger period. This maintenance is separate to our usual mowing schedule, which occurs on an eight-week basis.

Can I maintain the APZ near my property?

Yes, you can maintain the APZ near your property with written permission from Council. You can submit a request to maintain an APZ to [email protected].

Has Council considered the environmental impact of APZs?

Yes. A comprehensive environmental assessment has been completed in collaboration with bush fire consultants and the NSW Rural Fire Service. This assessment included potential impacts on threatened species and Aboriginal and cultural heritage.

Is Council going to cut down all the trees near my property?

We value the bushland setting that makes Cameron Park so unique. Trees will be retained wherever possible, as they act as a ‘ember curtain’ that helps reduce the threat of fire on nearby properties.

What else is Council doing to manage the risk of bush fires in Cameron Park?

Council’s hazard reduction burn program complements our work constructing and maintaining APZs. We also conduct communications and engagement activities to build resilience and help educate the community about their role in managing bush fire risk.

Can I store my caravan, boat, trailer or fire wood on a cleared APZ?

No. APZs need to be kept clear at all times to provide a fire break and space for firefighting. No items or vehicles should be stored within the APZ.

Can my children build bike jumps or cubby houses with the APZ?

No. APZs need to be kept clear at all times to provide a fire break and space for firefighting.