Eastlakes Community Recycling Centre

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We are planning to construct a new Community Recycling Centre (CRC) and Community Reuse and Repair facility at Floraville Road, Belmont North.

Providing this facility to the community will improve residents’ access to recycling drop-off services for common problem wastes and for reusable household items, while providing access to reuse and repair services.

The project is being undertaken in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Eastlakes Community Recycling Centre and upgrades to Council’s sub-depot

  • Stage 2: Community Reuse and Repair Facility

The project is being funded by Council and an NSW Environmental Trust grant.

Stage 1: Community Recycling Centre (CRC)

The CRC, to be located at Council’s Belmont North sub-depot at 56-60 Floraville Road, Belmont North, will provide a permanent, free drop-off solution, complementary to existing services, that will make problem waste disposal easier even easier for residents.

Similar to the CRC at the Awaba Waste Management Facility, the Centre will accept problem wastes such as paints, oils, gas bottles, fluoro lights, smoke detectors and batteries for free.

As part of the works to construct the new CRC, we will also complete upgrade works to the sub-depot.

Stage 2: Community Reuse and Repair Facility

We are proposing to construct a community reuse and repair facility at 46 Floraville Road, Belmont, next door to the sub-depot. The Reuse and Repair Facility will support a range of Council’s social outreach, creative arts, sustainability and circular economy engagement initiatives.

The delivery of the Reuse and Repair Facility is dependent on Council securing grant funding. Council is currently exploring funding opportunities to commence delivery in the coming years. 

Why we’re doing this

  • Make disposable of problem was more accessible for the Lake Macquarie community.
  • Avoid waste and strengthen local circular economy services through reuse and repair of waste items.
  • Better protect our environment and the health of the community.

Project timeline

Early 2022-Late 2022 
Feasibility, planning and approvals for both stages  
Early 2023 Stage 1 competitive tender process
 Mid-2023-Late 2023 Stage 1 construction
September 2023-Early 2024 Establish the Community Recycling Centre operations
Early 2024 Community Recycling Centre official opening


56-60 Floraville Road, Belmont North 2280

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