Belmont Sports Fields

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Council has commenced works on its master plan for Belmont Sports Fields (Barton Field and Lumsden Oval).

The Belmont Sports Fields Master Plan seeks to capitalise on Council's largest sports area to develop a sports facility suitable for local sporting groups and regional-level competitions.

Barton Field and Lumsden Oval are currently utilised by four sporting clubs including rugby league, soccer, cricket and baseball. There is future potential to accommodate additional sports such as AFL.

There is an allocation of funds for a new amenities building within the Belmont Contributions Plan (OS-001), with the remainder of funding to come from grants and other funding sources.

Key features

  • Modular sports fields that can be set up to service different sporting needs and events
  • Up to seven rectangular sports field with drainage, irrigation and lighting
  • Up to two baseball diamonds
  • Up to three AFL fields
  • Up to three cricket fields
  • Three new amenities buildings
  • Cricket and baseball batting nets and cages
  • Car parks, hardstand areas, spectator seating and connective pathways

Where is the project up to?

Stage 1 construction zone.png

Above: The stage one construction zone

Council awarded the design and construct contract for works on Barton 2 and Lumsden fields to pre-eminent turf services company Green Horticultural Group (GHG), who began work on the eastern fields in March.

GHG has led a host of major national projects, including turf works for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Sydney Cricket Ground wicket replacements and reconstructing the Parramatta Eels NRL facility at Memorial Park.

Drainage and earthworks are set to re-commence following a delay due to soil contamination issues.

Hygienists and asbestos removal specialists have almost finished remediating the soil before GHG return to field construction.

This will include turf laying, wicket and baseball diamond installation around July or August depending on the weather.

Grass growth will likely be gradual given the winter period, but with a good spring we should see a return to use by the start of 2025.

We'll share the field designs prior to the start of construction in May.

Amenities buildings update

Consultation with user groups and sporting clubs was undertaken to inform building designs, with detailed designs now complete.

Unique Building Partners has been awarded the building contract and established on site during April 2024.

They have commenced survey, set out, early excavation and base preparation works.

UBP has been a high performer in the commercial and residential construction market in the Central Coast and Hunter Regions since 2014, and has worked with Council on several past projects.

Clubs will have time to move out of the existing buildings late this year prior to demolition of these structures.

No other site infrastructure will be impacted by this process.

Work on fencing, landscaping and connections will take place alongside building construction works August through October.

Electrical upgrades will be included in the scope of these works.

Concept image

Building design southeast view.JPG

What's happening next?

  • Share field designs – February 2024
  • Recommence field construction and site remediation - February 2024
  • Turf laying – May/June 2024
  • Field handover – Spring 2024
  • Building Construction – March to November 2024
  • Demolition of Barton amenities – December 2024
  • Next stages design and consultation – TBA (not currently funded)
  • Next stages construction – TBA (not currently funded)


Project timeline

Stage 1 - design
Stage 1 - start of construction
Stage 2
Stage 3

Updated timeline

  • Recommence field construction and site remediation - March 2024
  • Share field designs - April 2024
  • Turf laying – June / July 2024
  • Field handover – December 2025
  • Building Construction – March to November 2024
  • Demolition of Barton amenities – December 2024
  • Building handover - December 2024.
  • Next stages design and consultation – TBA (not currently funded)
  • Next stages construction – TBA (not currently funded)


1A Maude Street, Belmont 2280

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