Belmont South foreshore stabilisation

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We’re future proofing the foreshore at Belmont South to protect it against further erosion. 

Belmont Bay and Village Bay will undergo rehabilitation to improve amenity, protect against flooding and reduce build-up of sea grass and sludge. 

This project is jointly funded by the NSW Government and Lake Macquarie City Council. 

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Where is the project up to?

Stage 1 of the foreshore improvement works at Belmont Bay (located on the northern side of the Belmont Lakeside Holiday Park) were completed in January 2024. The works involved repairing 140m of engineered rock bank including the access point into the water, upgrading drainage lines and planting revegetation bays to increase biodiversity and resilience. 

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Image shows completed works at Belmont Bay 

Stage 2 will improve around 190m of foreshore in Village Bay from the north of Clara Street and south of Arthur Street in Belmont South. Design works and discussions are underway and final concept designs will be shared with residents prior to works starting mid-2024. 

Frequently asked questions

Will access to the foreshore be affected during works? 

Public access to sections of foreshore may be restricted during works to ensure the safety of the community.

Further information will be made available as part of community engagement before construction begins in the 2024/25 financial year. 

Are there any environmental impacts?

The work will have minimal impact on the environment. Council is working with Fisheries NSW to manage any potential damage to seagrass in the area.

How was the design developed? 

Council worked with consultants and the community to develop concept designs for Belmont Bay and Village Bay in 2022. These were informed by previous foreshore stabilisation works delivered by Council and comments from Fisheries NSW.

These designs have been adopted for Belmont Bay, with further consultation to be completed for Village Bay.