Youth Strategy

Lake Mac Youth Week - Belmont Neighbourhood Centre Expo Photo.jpg

Our Youth Strategy 2020-2023(PDF, 6MB) provides a three-year strategic direction for the delivery of contemporary programs, activities and events that meet the needs of our diverse population of young people.

To implement the plan, Council will work alongside young people, the local youth sector, schools, the community and all levels of government to make living in Lake Mac even better for young people.

Young people make up an active and engaged section of our community and Council must ensure we respect their views and needs so that they may continue to participate in the Lake Macquarie community now and into the future.

Our statement of commitment to young people 

To help achieve our objectives within the Youth Strategy, we have developed a Statement of Commitment to young people(PDF, 74KB).

As a Council, we will:

  • ensure the continued existence and resourcing of the Lake Macquarie Youth Council so that young people may continue to have a voice in Council
  • acknowledge the effects Council decisions will have on young people and their involvement in our community
  • consult young people when making decisions that will directly affect them
  • acknowledge the unique challenges faced by young people in terms of accessing transportation
  • recognise the role that participation in youth cultural and artistic forms and activities plays in assisting young people to derive meaning and help shape their lives
  • actively promote youth employment opportunities (including traineeships and apprenticeships) and actively work to prevent the exploitation of young people in the workforce
  • advocate for ensuring that proper resources and programs are available to aid young people suffering from both physical and mental illness
  • help to safeguard our environment and landscape so it may be enjoyed by future generations
  • develop and promote strategies and policies that provide adequate access to housing and basic necessities for young people in our community.