New exhibitions take Byte of vital STEM subjects

Published on 16 June 2022

Hayden Baxter, 10, and Zoe Hirschbichler, 10 at SEEN@Swansea Questacon exhibition June 2022.jpg

New Questacon exhibitions on display at four sites across Lake Macquarie aim to give kids a hands-on introduction to computer programming, algorithms and other STEM concepts.

The Byte Wise displays include a main exhibition of a dozen hands-on activities at SEEN@Swansea, and smaller installations at Toronto, Charlestown and Belmont libraries.

Lake Macquarie City Council Lifelong Learning Leader Kirrily Anderson said the exhibitions targeted children aged 10+, inspiring their curiosity and confidence and building greater understanding of ‘computational thinking’.

“Computational thinking includes things like programming, algorithms, patterns, irrational numbers, measurement, geometry, logic and problem-solving,” she said.

“The fun, hands-on lessons kids will take away from Byte Wise link directly to maths and digital technologies curriculums taught in primary and high school.”

“Presenting these concepts in an entertaining format really opens up that world of STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – to younger people who might not otherwise be inclined to explore them.”

The Belmont, Charlestown and Toronto exhibitions each include four stands and are free, while the main SEEN@Swansea with 12 stands and an accompanying Questacon photo display on Mars is open via a gold coin donation. All four Byte Wise sites are open until Sunday 21 August.

STEM prize packs are up for grabs for kids who visit all four venues, complete all 24 challenges and fill out an exhibition passport.

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