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We’ve compiled a list of some of the most picturesque aquatic spots in Lake Mac. 

Many of these incredible spots are secluded and so come with a disclaimer. While they will set your Instagram alight and help you soak up the absolute most out of your summer, they are unpatrolled. Your safety is in your hands, make sure you practice swim safety, look out for each other and avoid swimming in dangerous conditions. 

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Sand Islands Naru Beach 
Naru St, Marks Point

White sand and glass like water, you'd think you were in the tropics. This is Naru. Popular for its pristine water and proximity to sand islands, Naru is great for paddle boarding, boating and ultimate relaxation. 

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Belmont Baths
Brooks Parade, Belmont

Home to a new aquatic wheelchair Belmont Baths offers the goods this summer. The all-accessible facility is a fantastic spot to relax by the lake. Having undergone an extensive revamp, the lake bath features a netted swimming area, a 70m-long jetty with an attached accessible ramp as well as sheltered picnic areas and a new amenities block. It's a great place for a family day out for people of all abilities. 

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Pulbah Island
Between Wangi Wangi Point and Point Wolstoncroft

Pulbah Island is a great spot to take the boat out for the day. You can fish, swim, explore the island, swim, have a picnic and swim. There's safe anchorage points and a lovely stretch of shallow beach on the northern side of the island, with a small bay on the east side. Due to its importance to Awabakal heritage, the island has been declared an aboriginal place so it's important we continue to respect its sacred heritage. 

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Pelican Foreshore
South of Pelican Boat Ramp Lakeview Parade, Pelican

A great spot to spend time with the kids. You can set up a beach picnic and settle in on the sandy shore where your kids can build sandcastles in between intermittent dips. If you can get them out of the refreshing water Pelican Foreshore also features a fully fenced playground equipped with a barbecue, covered rotunda, picnic tables and amenities. The current can get quite strong coming from the edge of Swansea channel and the beach can drop off suddenly in parts so its best the kids are supervised at all times. 

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Grannies Pool
Blacksmiths Breakwall, Blacksmiths

Grannies tidal pool is a very popular spot in summer, particularly after access to the natural swimming pool was improved back in 2017. Improvement works included installation of a shared pathway complete with an accessible concrete viewing area and a 50 metre access path leading down to the pool for prams and wheelchairs. Works to increase the depth of the tidal pool were also recently completed, making it a great swimming hole to set up a beach tent and splash around for the day. 

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Spoon Rocks
Caves Beach Coastal Walk

Starting from Caves Beach carpark if you follow the path above the cliff line it will lead you south along a gorgeous coastal walk where you can drop down onto a small isolated beach with a rather remarkable breakwater. Originally designed for offloading coal the spoon shaped breakwater stretches 500m out to clear blue water, this small stretch of beach is Spoon Rocks. 

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Pinny Beach
Yondeo Trail, Wallarah National Park

There are two ways onto Pinny Beach and for the most part they're both by foot but the beach is sure worth the walk. If you're coming from Spoon Rock Bay you can take Pinny Lagoon North Firetrail off Spoon Rocks Road. The scenic coastal trail will take you past Spoon Rocks Lookout until you meet up with the Yondeo Trail. For a different experience you can take the Yondeo Trail through Wallarah National Park. The grade 4 hike is 2.5km return and is an experience in itself. Once you navigate your way through the cool climate bush dotted with beautiful flowers you'll find yourself stumbling onto a beautiful secluded beach with some great rock pools to explore marine life and cool off in at high tide. 

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Catherine Hill Bay Rock Pool
Baldy Cliff, Catherine Hill Bay

The Catherine Hill Bay rock pool is one of Lake Mac's best kept secrets. The pristine aqua pools are almost unplottable on the map and those who have been fortunate enough to stumble upon the enchanting aqua are desperate to keep it to themselves. The relatively untouched natural pools offer a unique experience for any explorer who is well versed and confident in navigating their way around headlands and coastline trails. 

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Dudley Rockpools
South side of Dudley Beach, Dudley Beach Road

The Dudley rockpools make up in beauty what they lack in safety. A gorgeous spot to explore and take a dip but always to be met with caution and safety first in mind. The marine life in the pools below are just as thrilling to explore as the view itself. Children shouldn't go alone, adults should always take a friend, and while you relax and enjoy the view, remember to always swim with caution. 


Make sure you keep up to date on your swim safety, check the conditions, plan ahead and stay safe in our waters. If you're keen to swim between the red and yellow flags, check out our stunning patrolled beaches

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