Become an educator


Do you delight in working with children up to the age 13, and would like to run your own home-based business?

Working as a Lake Mac Family Day Care Educator allows you to:

  • Create your education and care business, and take control of your earning capacity
  • Develop your early childhood career and educate the way you want to
  • Work together with Lake Macquarie City Council to launch and nurture your service

Lake Macquarie City Council are offering the opportunity to establish and provide home-based care and education for children and families. Council’s Family Day Care service is a network of self-employed educators providing quality early education and care from their own homes throughout Lake Macquarie and surrounding Local Government Areas. Your home becomes a foundation where you can provide care and education the way you want to, with a local and responsive support team.

We’re looking for educators who are:

  • inspired in working with children, building relationships, and looking for a flexible and rewarding career
  • enthusiastic about providing safe, stimulating, educational and fun learning environments
  • committed to delivering quality standards
  • interested in running your own professional service
  • perhaps already an EC professional seeking choice and autonomy in operating your own program, including those who would like to deliver school-age leisure and recreation-based programs for primary or homeschooled children

Here’s what some of our educators had to say about their experience with us:

“I’ve learnt so much over the years about children and myself. It’s a beautiful community that has enabled me to grow into a woman that I’m happy and proud of.”

“I switched to Lake Mac Family Day Care when I needed to be home in the afternoons for my daughter after school - not sure why I didn't do it earlier. I love how my families are an extension of my own.”

“I’ve been an educator with Lake Macquarie FDC for 22 years and I have loved my time working with a variety of wonderful families and have always treasured the back up of the team in the office.”

“I started in the industry to be able to continue being home with my children while also incorporating my passion for education and care.”

Being an Educator is an important role! - There is a lot involved, and we are here to assist through registration, and beyond.

Qualifications and professional requirements

Certificate III

You must hold at least a Certificate III level education and care qualification prior to commencing as a Family Day Care Educator.

Check your qualification is NQF approved

First Aid and CPR

You will need to hold a current First Aid and CPR qualification.

Your First Aid qualification must include training in the emergency management of asthma and anaphylaxis and must be current at all times.

The industry standard is that first aid qualifications should be renewed every 3 years, and refresher training in CPR undertaken annually, to remain valid.

Search the approved qualifications list

Working with Children Check

All educators and adult residents (18 years or over) must hold a current Working With Children Check clearance at all times.

Appropriate clearances form part of determining if a person is 'fit and proper' to be in the company of children.

Family Day Care Educators require a 'Paid Worker' (Employee) check. Adult residents need a 'Volunteer' check. Both checks are the same, however there is a fee for the 'Paid Worker' check, and the 'Volunteer' check is free. WWCC clearances are valid for 5 years and must be renewed before the expiry.

WWCC clearances are required for all residents, even if they may have no or limited contact with the children.

We may also ask for a WWCC clearance for any adult who visits or stays on a regular or frequent basis or for a period of 3 weeks or more. (Regulation 10 - Child Protection (Working With Children) Act 2012)

Apply for your check

National Criminal History (Police) check

All adult residents must supply a National Criminal History (Police) check.

National Criminal History Checks are different from the WWCC. They each consider different offences.

Police checks must be no more than 6 months old prior to commencement.

You may obtain your Police Checks from any accredited body. Our National representative organisation - Family Day Care Australia provides National Police Checks with associated member benefits.

PRODA (Provider Digital Access)

PRODA is an online identity verification and authentication system. It is required to recognise you as an FDC Educator and identify who is providing care to children.

Please refer to the Child Care Task Card to register. 

You will need accepted and valid Australian Government issued identity documents to complete registration.

Public Liability Insurance

It is a legal requirement that all FDC Educators maintain current adequate Public Liability insurance with a minimum cover of $10 million. 

Your policy must address categories of public liability that may reasonably present a risk to the safety, health and well-being of children. At a minimum, policies must cover death of a child or adult, injury to a child or adult, or mistreatment of, or harm to, a child or adult (including abuse/molestation).

You may want to consider and explore options for

  • Personal Accident Insurance for children
  • Accidental Death cover

You may obtain coverage from any accredited insurer. Family Day Care Australia provide industry recognised FDCA Insurance.

Medical information

As a FDC Educator you have sole responsibility for children.  It is essential that children are protected from potential harm or hazards at all times. Educators must be free from any medical condition, or reliance on medication, that may impair your ability to care for children.

We also need to establish that your own health or well-being will not knowingly be placed at risk in the Educator role.

You will need to consider personal immunisation protection (referring to the information in the 'Staying Healthy' resource as a minimum) and discuss this and the role with your Medical Practitioner and provide the 'Medical Information' form.

ABN, childcare fees and GST

In NSW, Educators are typically self-employed and regarded as Sole Traders by the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and are required to have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Educators are able to determine your own fees and charges. You must provide a copy of your 'Fees, charges and conditions' schedule to all parents and the office. This forms the basis of your care agreement with families and the service.

All gap fee payments collected from families must be paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) transaction.  Evidence of gap fee payments may be checked against bank statements.

Child Care services are "GST free". This means that you do not charge GST on fee income you earn from providing care.  You may however be able to claim a GST refund on expenses you incur in running your FDC business. There are also many items that you may be able to legitimately claim as a tax-deduction.

We strongly advise that you:

  • establish an independent banking account for managing your FDC-related income and expenses
  • seek independent financial advice from a registered/certified practicing Accountant for managing your financial and tax obligations, and deciding if to register for GST

Register for an ABN

Business, insurance and WHS considerations

As a self-employed business operator, you will be responsible for managing your own business matters, including tax, superannuation, and compliance with WHS.

Your house and car insurer needs to be notified that you are running a small business, so that they may endorse your policy appropriately.

You may want to consider options for Business continuity and/or Income Protection insurances.

We strongly advise that you seek independent and financial professional advice on all aspects of operating your small business, including seeing a registered Accountant as a minimum.

Small business advice and support

Registration process

There are a number of items involved in becoming registered as a FDC Educator, and you must be able to complete all successfully. They occur roughly in the following order:

Bush-fire zoning

There are particular requirements for homes that are located in a Bush Fire Zone. We can assist in checking your property, and provide information on what may be required.

Ownership or renting permission

You will need to provide evidence of owning your own home with your application.

You are able to become an Educator if you are renting, however you will need permission from the owner/landlord.

The Tenants that care: Public Liability information for landlords  information may be useful when discussing your request.

Home suitability

We will meet and visit with you to discuss how you plan to use your home. We are able to specifically advise on what modifications may be necessary, and work with you to generate options and solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

This is a perfect time to really discuss any questions you have about being an FDC Educator, to assist you in making an informed decision to proceed.

Contact us when you have confirmed Bush Fire zoning requirements and rental permission (if applicable), and would like to book a home suitability visit.


Your application to register as an Educator is designed to share more about you, and your experience and familiarity with the role. If FDC is all new to you, your application can suggest to us where we may be able to offer particular support. 

Reference checks, and required declarations of 'fitness and propriety', are included in assessing your application.  Any previous FDC registration will be confirmed.


We conduct a thorough induction and orientation process to ensure you are capable and confident in your FDC Educator role. This is typically delivered through both self-paced online processes, and at least one session with staff in the office.

Induction includes:

  • visits with registered educators
  • collection of required qualifications and certifications
  • demonstration of your knowledge and feedback on this (as applicable to your qualification and experience)
  • instruction in our 'Harmony Web' software program (for managing child enrolment information and attendance records)

Final inspection

While completing the induction, you are able to work on preparing your home for the final inspection.  We provide a comprehensive checklist for you to self-assess the compliance of your premises.

When all items are complete, we visit to verify your self-assessment and ensure all requirements have been met.


When all registration requirements have been met, we invite you to complete a formal agreement to become registered with Lake Macquarie Family Day Care. We issue you with a Registration Certificate, and activate you to be able to provide your FDC service!

Onoing support and professional development

Once you are registered, we are still here and locally available to support you in providing your best service.

Filling vacancies

Our office receives enquiries about family day care, and we will refer families to you when your vacancies match their needs.

We work with Council's Communications and Marketing team on a range of strategies to advertise and promote Lake Macquarie Family Day Care in the community.

There are many factors that influence placement, therefore we are not able to guarantee placements for you.

We can assist you to plan the marketing and promotion of your service, and share available resources.

When advertising your FDC business, you must indicate that you are registered with Lake Macquarie FDC, and include our office contact number - 4921 0156 (this is a regulatory requirement).   

Phone and email support

We have staff available at our office Monday to Friday to respond to phone calls and email inquiries typically within the day (if not immediately). 

Mobile phone numbers are made available for urgent emergency assistance.

Home visits

Staff 'Coordinators' will visit with you on a regular basis. These may be largely unannounced, although you are welcome to request a visit for particular reasons - such as observing child concerns, and discussing issues that may arise from time to time.

Home visits are designed to 'bounce' ideas with the Coordinators for your ongoing professional learning and service improvements.

Emergency support

We are available locally, and will make every effort to have a staff member attend to offer support in an emergency.

Relief Educators and "assistant care"

We aim to register a number of Relief Educators who you may engage to deliver your service when you wish to take leave. Relief Educators may be available for single days, or block periods, on negotiation.

Lake Mac FDC Coordinator staff may be able to assist with occasional brief periods of relief to enable you to attend an appointment (other than a regular appointment) in unforeseen or exceptional circumstances. 

Educator Facebook group

We operate a closed Facebook group exclusively for Educators registered with Lake Macquarie Family Day Care. This is a great forum for seeking and sharing ideas and resources, and has proven to be a platform also for encouraging and celebrating each others' achievements.

Regular updates and meetings

We use a variety of emails, Facebook posts, and video posts to share information on a regular basis to keep you up to date with what is going on, and link you to available professional development online and workshop opportunities.


Lake Mac FDC has a partnership with TAFE NSW that provides our educators and children with exclusive access to facilitated play-sessions at the Glendale TAFE campus. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand the educational program for children, support the vocational training of students, and immerse educators in current industry practice.


Contact us

Phone: 4921 0156

Email: [email protected]

Location: 81, Lakeview Street, Speers Point NSW 2284